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chebmaster2 slowpoke qualityfag
Feb 19 2019 Anchor

Currently working on: The cathedral model.

Maps 19..24, 24b, 25..27: ready. All maps I intended to fix are fixed. Only missing content left to do.

The sprite versions of skybox prefabs: scheduled for the next weekend. Those few that exist are broken.

The 3d models of skybox prefabs: only the cathedral left to make, which is scheduled for the next weekend.

NOTE: I work on eday test from March 27, 2018 as that is still the only version available to me.

What is chebskies?
This is my personal initiative to improve skyboxes for the hell portion of Extermination Day. The purpose is to serve as source material for Sergeant mark IV. That's why the maps are only accessible via console command (and from each other).
This is not a mod nor a fork, it doesn't allow for playing.

Where can I download it?
If you don't know the URL already it's none of your business. Not a mod, not a fork. Not for playing.
The URL stays the same. I keep updating that file.

Where are the screenshots?
In the discord group.

Who am I?
ChebMaster, aka that same Cheb who was working on 3d models for Doomsday a little while ago. My first attempt at registration here failed due to trigger-happy anti-spam mechanism, thus locking the user name.

Why am I doing this?
It began with a youtube letsplay of earlier eday versions where the sky was still crimson-and-black with pitch blackness below. The image was so powerful it inspired me to start writing a new Shantae/Extermination Day crossover fanfic. But when I got to playing that part by myself, Sergeant Mark IV had already replaced the simplistic sky with complex skyboxes... coincidentally ruining the imagery I was so enamored with. So began my epic quest for the holy grail of marrying the old imagery with this new technology. It took me awhile and a lot of learning the hard way but I think I reached as close as one can get considering engine limitations.


FAILURE. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the sky portal in the starting area of map 24. This is the first time when cool looks won over optimization :(... I've optimized what I could, made round towers octagonal, squeezed every last drop out of my fancy skybox, even got rid of crenellation on the side wall in the blue key yard. Managed to raise fps up to 30+, with solid 40+ in many areas. But there still are places where it drops to ~25 or even to 18.

But the castle looks so cool! :P


Ok, sky themes may be considered done. I still have to make skyboxes for maps 25..27 but that's mostly matter of shuffling prefabs around.

Also yes, I am firm believer of the "stone soup" principle so most textures in chebskies are modifications of existing eday textures. Very few were made by me, mostly from photos of clouds and scans of my minerals collection. I keep XCF sources for most textures used, just ask.


Fixed a funny bug: one of the chalices on the altar in map 26 was replaced with a stack of dishes.


Finished map CHE24B

This is an alt version of the same map with the castle looking much less cool -- it looks like a brick, really -- but also not having the fps sagging problem. The yards and the central corridor are truly isolated by void, the soul sphere jumping puzzle is totally different, the watchttowers moved forward to become parts of the wall.

The difference is 40+ fps in front of the front gate instead ~20.

So, CHE24B is "boring but practical" to CHE24's "awesome but impractical".


Fixed partly broken sky portal in CHE24, modified both it and CHE24B by moving the city with its cathedral much closer so that it *looms* over the exit area. Lowered the upper sky layer: walls were showing.

Finished CHE27.

Sorry, too tired now to sort and upload the screenshots.


Did maps 25 and 26. Updated skies in 24, 24b, and 27 to match.


Creative work on Chebskies is done. Finished. No more. I still have to add missing content but that is a dumb task I will finish during the next weekend.

Sarge-sempai, you can start using the fruits of my labor.

60 textures including ice, obsidian and arched windows for hell cities. 30 sprites (for now; there will be matching sprites for every 3d model) including a feast of roasted human on golden tableware. 40 3d models. Innumerable modifications and bugfixes to the affected maps.

I'm spent Xp


Uploaded screenshots of areas of interest I edited. See link in the discord group.


Sorry, got bogged down with work and then got carried away playtesting RC8

I'll make the cathedral MD2 the next week, the sprite support the next holidays.

Edited by: chebmaster2

Mar 5 2019 Anchor

I'm switching to my primary account. The Chapter 8 of my related fanfic is out, but still no cathedral. Well, I'll have it by tomorrow, I hope. I calculated its height as the map geometry to be almost exactly 300 meters (10512 units tall)? if you accept one meter to be 35 tall and 42 wide (because of non-square aspect ratio, have to always keep that in mind!). The maximum size a doom map could occupy is 1560x1560x1872 meters, four and a half cubic kilometers. Limited by the 16-bit physics ancestry.


The cathedral model is done. The accompanying sprite is done.

Also, changed sky for maps 25..27 to the much brighter one from map 24. Feels like the sky is really on fire now. No maps edited (except my screenshooting range CHE46), I just modified TEXTURES and removed fogdensity in MAPINFO.

Also, changed cathedral stained glass windows to blue/purple because the old red/orange provided no contrast against the red environment.

I still have to make sprites for all the 100500 skybox objects. The next weekend, for sure!


Added CHE07 as a proof-of-concept sample of a better fog for Mars (which irritates me gratly with its *bright* fogged map geometry clashing horribly with the darker skybox).


A big update. I worked hard all sunday, from 5 in the morning to 22 in the evening, but I did add sprite support. My clever plan of making sprite support before I had the sprites... failed! I had to edit skyboxes for maps 19, 20, 24 and 25. Also, I took eday28 from the latest eday and frankensteined it together with my modifications to the old map 26. The new area is awesome! :smile: But making sky floor is like calling "Beetlejuice!" three times. I come and start FIXING.

Link stays the same.

Uploaded link to screenshots to the discord group.

The "Mr Frankenstein, meet MY monster!" moment:


P.S. I just realized, looking at Sergeant Mark IV's screenshots, that I set light levels throughout entire Chebskies completely wrong: I was designing them all for "light level=standard" while he designs for "light level=dark", which is much brighter.

Where I used 224 I should have used 160 or lower.

Will edit and re-upload.


Mar. 20, 2019:
- made the portal a standalone building you can walk around, still see the city on the other side: showing off the visual-only portals that work in Zandronum!
- changed marine routes to fix problems I reported on the forums: now after all the targets are killed, the marines walk into tunnel behind the entrenched tanks, invisibly teleporting back to the city, walking visibly to the portal, visibly teleporting back into hell then walking the route again. This perpetual motion creates illusion of reinforcements that keep arriving while preventing the marines from swarming and blocking the player.

Mar. 21, 2019:
- fixed light levels
- got rid of sky portals, remaking side wings using 3d floors and other fakery. Fps is more like 30 now. Still too low.

Mar. 21, 2019:
- fixed light levels
- got rid of sky portals, remaking side wings using 3d floors and other fakery. Fps is very solid now, 40..60
- moved the machinegun in the right yard into a painfully obvious trap.

P.S. Dissatisfied with these 2 maps, will fix later today.


Mar. 22, 2019:
- fixed bugs introduced by me
- fixed light levels: 160 is too dark for the bright orange sky. raised to 176. 128 is too dark for the end level skybox, raised to 144. 160 is too dark for the blood realm (fog too dense), raised to 176
- added a missing torch in the dining hall (for symmetry)
- added a 3-second delay to the front gate raising after you press the button. More interesting this way: you hear the back door rising but don't see anything happening.
- changed all inverted cross windows from skybox to just a flaming back wall texture + pulsing light. Removed that skybox.

Mar. 22, 2019:
- fixed bugs introduced by me
- fixed light levels: 160 is too dark for the bright orange sky. raised to 176. 128 is too dark for the end level skybox, raised to 144. 160 is too dark for the blood realm (fog too dense), raised to 176
- added a missing torch in the dining hall (for symmetry)
- increased door raising speed for the monster closet behind the front gate button.
- changed all inverted cross windows from skybox to just a flaming back wall texture + pulsing light. Removed that skybox.
- added several decorative windows to make high walls less blind.


Mar. 22, 2019: made the marines only start their assault when you cross the bridge. Until then, they are running in circles, most of them on the Earth side. The map starts with a message "get that tank moving".


Mar 23, 2019:
- made the area behind the portal enclosed in low cliffs, blocking the view down into the skybox.
- made the bloodfall narrower, less visibility down into the skybox. All to reinforce the ambience of being on a vast plain.
- made the marines already in hell retreat back to the earthside creating impression of small hitch in execution of a hastily organized offensive. The portal is now a two-way teleport, for monsters only.
- improved the command's messages about the tank not moving
- shuffled areas around to reset after that nasty bug (see comment in the map script)
- added two heavily armed marines to the castle area (locked on an inaccessible cliff)
- added a RL spawher to the ammo cache in the castle area: this map is too hard to complete with only the starting rifle.
- added med-kits and green armor at the map start. Ideally, healing the player should be done via script: this is not for balance but because it looks stupid to send a wounded to storm Hell, yes?


Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che22 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- removed the heavy weapon dudes: silly me, they could teleport to follow you

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che23 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- fixed light levels (down to 176 from 224)
- fixed bridge adjustment, north end was shifted to the right
- simplified the terrain under the bridge, also making many sectors sloped
- improved the sharply sloped "nope, dont jump here" sector by aping ActorThrust and the like from the necropolis. As if a different texture, that of the walls, wasn't obvoius enough.
- switched the blood brook to non-glowing verions BLOODNG & BFALLNG, to keep in line with my proposal of "glowing = harmful; non-glowing = safe"
- replaced the lava pit with a normal looking corridor, stepping there leads straight to jungle.
- made the exit I previously made into a secret leading to che47, because that map is removed in current PreBetaX
- added two draft messages telling the story (offensive failed, marines withdrawing) triggered by walking onto the bridge, then off the bridge.
- changed hanging corpses in the starting area to ones that don't have flies: their buzzing was *ruining* the ambience!

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che47 to keep in sync with PreBetaX where this map was removed. I propose making it a secret, containing The Unmaker.
- made the non-harmful blood into NG versions, to keep in line with my proposal of "glowing = harmful; non-glowing = safe". Added vapors from eday30 to the harmful blood areas.
- modified some ambient sounds from WaterFall to WaterFlowing because the former is too grand and noisy for small bloodfalls
- set music to EDMU23 (the same as the Stronghold) for a lack of a better alternative

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che24 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- scraped my previous foggy sky replacing it with a more contrast black-and-crimson mess, with crags now simply dark. I did it because I finally got music working and that made me realize that my previous feeble attempts weren't worthy of this ominous, oppressive theme!

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che25 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- applied the same modifications as in the map above

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che26a to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- set the music according to PreBetaX

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che26b to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- set the music according to PreBetaX

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che27, to keep in sync with current PreBetaX
- minute adjustment of slope sector heights under the broken bridge
- set the music according to PreBetaX

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che28 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- fixed skybox light levels
- set the music according to PreBetaX
- fixed bugs introduced by me
- fixed Sergeant Mark IV's bug (the door to the blue key missing "repeatable action" flag, so it could never opened again if you hadn't entered after opening it)
- fixed Sergeant Mark IV's new area by setting the fancy grates to 121 Line Identification + 32 walkable Middle Texture, so that they prevent player plummeting but not block cacodemons flying above.

Mar. 24, 2019:
- renamed to che29 to keep in sync with PreBetaX
- fixed light levels
- deprecated the dedicated start areaa "city" skybox by moving the player starts inside the fence and moving the fence back to keep the scenic view from the start and raising the terrain surrounding the bridge base to "occlude" the city that isn'there. Now only the uber-lean main skybox remains, 4 sectors, 42 linedefs and 12 things. Sky portal performance increased from 22 to 38 fps when looking straight up in the front yard. Also freed 15 tags by deleting upper/lower things from the bridge.


I just noticed my fancy standalone portal contradicts lore. Now planning to re-skin it from an obsidian building with meat lining to a full-meat organic growth.


Mar. 31, 2019:
- changed the standalone gate to flesh to fit the updated lore, used classic Doom 2 textures transformed using TEXTURES
- chaned the bomber that bombs the castle to two assault helicopters, re-purposed from zombie helicopters. They arrive and start shooting at barons. Removed 2/3 of the barons, without bombing there were too many.
- fixed the long lingering bug with earthside sky randomly not working. Was caused by things (including skybox pickers) glitching if moved to the left of x ~ -29000. So the entire -32768..32767 grid cannot be used, dammit.


Jul 09, 2019:
- the final solution of the tank problem: the marines travel across upper ground where tank could not go. You can ignore the tanks and follow the marines there, but the meat to ammo ratio of this map is daunting.
- the middle of the map remade from scratch, from the bridge to the castle area. Vaguely resembles the original layout. The monsters were moved from the original and shuffled, I made no changes to their number nor composition.
- simplified the earthside area by necessity: I moved everything ~5000 to the right (to make the humongous camera container sector fit) and items began glitching at x < -25K instead of former -29K. So the map contents size is the limit. Either 44K from the rightmost vertex to the leftmost thing, or 41K from the rightmost thing to the leftmost thing.
- added machinegun and shotgun in the starting area, so that the map is playable as a standalone when starting with only rifle.
- removed marine walking trigger delay from my previous map version.

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