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Brutal Doom .exe (GOG files) (Games : Doom : Mods : Brutal Doom : Forum : Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) : Brutal Doom .exe (GOG files)) Locked
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Sep 29 2019 Anchor

Hello, my question could seam a bit silly, but I couldn't find any answer on the net : Is it possible to run brutal doom with a ".exe" file (Doom.exe) ? I 've just bought all the games on GOG, and they're all .exe files. Is there a way to extract or convert .wad from .exe ? Please, don't tell me I must buy them a second time on steam ! (Or do so, if it's the only way...). Thanks.

Oct 20 2019 Anchor

The game files on GOG and on Steam are the DOS files that use DOSBox to play, using the DOS executables. Brutal Doom will not work with DOSBox. You need to use a source port, either GZDoom or Zandronum. The only files you need from the official game files are the WAD files, which are the same on GOG and Steam.

IndividuLambda wrote:

I 've just bought all the games on GOG, and they're all .exe files. Is there a way to extract or convert .wad from .exe ?

You have actually installed the game from the GOG installer, right?

When you download The Ultimate Doom from GOG you get a file named: setup_the_ultimate_doom_1.9_(28044).exe
When you download Doom 2 from GOG you get a file named: setup_doom_ii_with_master_levels_1.9_(28044).exe
When you download Final Doom from GOG you get a file named: setup_final_doom_1.9_(28044).exe

These are the backup installers that you get from the website download links, not the GOG Galaxy download links. Though GOG Galaxy does have an option to download the backup installers too.

With these executables (which I'm guessing are the ones you are referring to) you have to run them to install the game on your computer. Once installed you can then navigate to where you installed the game to and the WAD files will be somewhere within that folder.

Alternatively, you can use a tool like Innounp to extract the files from the GOG installer and then find the WAD files that way.

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