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BDv21Gold player pushes pain elemental corpse as if weightless (Games : Doom : Mods : Brutal Doom : Forum : Bug reporting (Brutal Doom : BDv21Gold player pushes pain elemental corpse as if weightless) Post Reply
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Sep 9 2019 Anchor

When you kill pain elemental via fatality, the resulting corpse could be pushed by you effortlessly as if it weighed nothing. You send it sliding like it was a hockey puck.

Also, if you push it into a corner and keep standing on it, it will explode doing 100 damage to you:

Pain elemental corpse before exploding

Pain elemental corpse after exploding

P.S. The problem is *much* more severe than I first thought. The pain elemental corpse becomes a deadly bomb that explodes at the slightest nudge from ANY monster. More often than not, before you can move away from it. You ignored that last lost soul while going for the pain elemental? There was a pinkie lunging at you? A zombieman hit it accidentally with his pistol? Have a nice death.

Oct 20 2019 Anchor

Yeah, i've had this problem before, even reported it.
Its pretty nasty sometimes, can frustate people in survival mode, etc.

Sep 20 2020 Anchor

Its has the +PUSHABLE flag set so I think Mark wanted it to be moveable so you could use it like a barrel but, only has 100 health so, I can set that to 300 like the Cacodemon corpse and maybe make it harder to push around like the explosive barrels are done.

Is fixed now in v0.4.1

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