The definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Adds realistic gore, dismemberments, headshots, executions, lightning effects, particles, makes enemies smarter and harder, makes gun louder and beefier, and adds epic new boss battles.

Add file B.W.O. BrutalDoom v20B Weapons-Only Version - revision C "Pain Sectors"
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Modified version of Brutal Doom v20B meant to be played with map packs that feature custom monsters, compatibility fix.

B.W.O. BrutalDoom v20B Weapons-Only Version - revision C "Pain Sectors"
Hereticnic Author

It has the following improvements (abridged):
1) fixed Pain Sector Damage for Realism difficulty (new player class)
2) improved autoaim will not aim at corpses or decorative objects
3) the HP Bar hud from v21 is also here on v20B now

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v21 Weapon Only pls ?

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Hereticnic Author

It's already been done, released some 3 weeks ago. Click my profile name and click on "Files" above.
Note: I will have to update v21 to have these same improvements too, coming soon.
I'm also planning on releasing a version of stock 21 (no monsters cut out) with the weapons of version 20B, but that will take some more time. And once that one is done then maybe I release a Weapons-Only version of it as well. I don't like the weapons on v21 but there's a lot of cool map improvements there, so we enjoy it.

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Hereticnic Author

I noticed a lot more people downloaded the v21 version of this. People seem to be playing version 21 more. Is there a reason for that? What does v21 have that makes you play it? Is there something specific about it?
Note: my release of v21 Weapons-Only preserves all the weapons the way they are, but I have changed the grenades to do more damage like it did on version 20B.
I have also noticed that v21 had the barrels range and damage nerfed but I haven't touched the barrels, only grenades.

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Probably because most of them have strong device or probably use lighter source port like Zandronum or Lzdoom.(just like me)

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Hereticnic Author

That's interesting. In my tests, lzdoom worked for older computers that don't have OpenGL 4.0 (think 2010 GPU's) but it looked the worse when I compared screenshots.
For people who have older computers I recommend gzdoom version 2.4.0, that's the version that looks the best and also is compatible with most mods out there. For any mod that does not work in 2.4.0, then you use lzdoom as a last resort measure.
The key feature to making gzdoom look the best is going into Display Options and using SOFTWARE Light Mode. But here's the trick: for whatever reason the lzdoom guy removed that feature from his release. I called him out on it on the forums but the gang of anime profile pictures all came for his defense. You can provide screenshots, you can provide videos but these people will deny everything to keep their little sense of status and "power" in a forum. Scrapping for the bottom of the barrel.
And it doesn't end there either. That feature, "Software Lighting Mode" was made and shared by ONE SINGLE GUY, an anonymous contributor on the zdoom forums, he made it in late 2012. When he started the thread asking for technical help to finish his patch, everyone there - including the main source port "devs" (the code stealers who can't actually code) - all ganged up and said to him "Oh sorry, that won't be possible, because of XYZ"
Then, what happened the guy finished his work by himself anyway and shared it there, and that feature is present on gzdoom ever since. These zdoom/gzdoom guys will ******** their way through everything and people give them credit, it's so insanely mindblowing, it's really an insight into human psychology.
That's why we need alternative source ports that have Decorate and UDMF support, then gzdoom's monopoly is over. And hopefully that port will be made in pure C, not C++. (like Prboom and the Quake ports are made)

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Does this replace the weapons in brutal doom v21 and i8f not, can you makle a version that does?

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Hereticnic Author

i8f what? english? words?
Help me help you...
This will NOT work with other mods that also change weapons.
You would need to patch the map mod yourself to not use any custom weapons. Depending on the way the other mod was built, this can be extremely easy, or extremely laborious.
If the custom weapons use custom numbers for map editor (the "wrong" way of doing things) then it will require much more work, but it's still doable.
There are some mod authors out there that release alternative "mod friendly" versions of their maps. But the majority just don't care, they are too selfish, and they want to limit you to playing their maps in the way they intended for it, unfortunately.
If you see stuff like this in the code, it will require much more work:
ACTOR MyCustomWeapon : Weapon 31001
That number right there 31001 is the "Thing" number for the Map Editor and you'll need to change it on each map. (leave the code as it is, just change in the maps) If that weapon is a custom shotgun for example, you will need to change all Map Editor objects with that code to the code used by the Shotgun (I don't recall it from memory)
There's one workaround to play the mod without changing the file: if you're playing a mod and an enemy drops a custom shotgun, you can use this console command to Spawn the normal Shotgun for you to use, and be able to switch weapons:
summon shotgun
If you're not able to switch weapons, press 1 to go to your Fists, and from there you switch weapons one by one (usually it's the Q or E keys, or mouse wheel)

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