Bounce is a mod pack of a set of gametypes which change the gameplay in a simple but effective way. Attacks from other players no longer deal damage. But instead reduce your mass, causing you to become lighter. The goal of Bounce is to knock your opponents into the various pools, pits, and other traps that litter the arenas. While avoiding being kicked into them yourself, in logical ways, like eating pizzas and cookies to increase your weight. . . Madness? THIS IS UN-REAL.

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papercoffee says

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One of the funniest and intensest game modes out there.

Super Smash Brothers meets Unreal Tournament.
If you want something where you start laughing even when you got killed, then is this Mod the right stuff for you.
Great Maps and very good Bot support are the cherry on the cake.

I gave this Modification a 10/10 because it deserved it.
Try it out.


Crust20 says

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