This file changes the bot names of all the characters. Put in <Hard Drive name>\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\AI.

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If this evolves into a real mod I'll give better rating, until then it's just an addon, not a modification and for that it's 1. (changing the name of the bots doesn't make it a real mod)

Nice addon that edits the AI bot names
I just like it,but if you were added more vanilla...
Well,a 6 is enought :)
I give you 6 because me and my friends started modding from this

If you add 64 support in Singleplayer,maybe i will edit this review

I do not agree with those who criticize this mod. Mod = Modification, and the bots name change is a modification.So stop Saying stupid things, the creator do not force you to use this file. He posted for those who need it not for those who are there to criticize it.


ill give it a 3 because there is no real added content. but this is how modders start up. so keep it up and keep learning new techniques and maybe you'll make a great mod.


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Why is this a mod , its a spit in the face to those of us who care about actually making content for games.

Nothing special. I could just change the bot names by myself by editing BotNames .CON file...


No new wanted stuff....


Cool! A very original idea.


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