Boss Generals for Command and Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour is a huge mod project that's under works for 10 months now, and it should better be called an "expansion pack mod" due to its scope - 15 new revamped maps from the best available in the community, two new "Boss songs" for each faction - including an amazing intro soundscore from the CnC composing legend, Frank Klepacki, tons of new abilities and even new tech buildings. After the highly successful Command & Conquer Generals, Electronic Arts released its expansion pack, Zero Hour, with 9 Generals based on the initial three factions: USA, China and the terrorist organization known as the GLA (Global Liberation Armies), specifically strong in infantry, air or tank units, for example. Gameplay-wise Boss Generals works as a "specialty generals blender" - reuniting the specialized Zero Hour generals in 3 "Boss generals" that have to work their way through general points to unlock their special...

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