The BORG: Incursion series has gone through many changes since its first incarnation around 4 years ago. This latest offering gives much in the way of an "upgraded game". Whilst bein built on the original stock game, as much of the original as possible has been replaced by much more up to date and better looking materials. You will find that every single ship and station has been replaced. There are also many sources for these including alot that have been rebuilt by me. However, a great deal of credit goes to a whole host of other people from the likes of the Bridge Commander and StarFleet Command 3 communities as their contributions are what has made this project possible. It has currently taken around 14 months to get to the stage it has and whilst its my wish, just to make the game look and feel the way I wanted to just for myself, its sort of grown into a more community feel. As I've already stated the mod replaces all of the stock models but also includes the following...

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