Boiling is about passion. The American Dream. Having it all and losing everything in the blink of an eye. A short story about a desperate man. Alone. Cheated. Hunted down. Mad. Real mad. Boiling is a tale of violence, justice and love. A cinematic experience.

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Nice nice nice looks good and fun at the same time but i got a problem its really short so make it longer next time!!!!


This mod is FANTASTIC. The voice acting is spot on, the action is great, and the level design is only slightly below that of Mona : The Assassin. It's short, but it's a good length.

The only way it could be done better in terms of length without feeling padded is if it had previous missions and more house levels with the protagonist's lover. This would make us feel more for the protagonist. All we really had to demonstrate their love is her greeting him at the door and having sex with him. For all we know from that scene she could just be a ****** he pays extensively and provides for.

It was a fine production, Max Payne 2 seems to get all the best mods. It has a high octane note, a man who's lost his wife because someone for the mob decided to take her and him out, but he didn't count on our protagonist going into a rage and taking out all of his men.
You have a rage filled bullet time which I liked (its clear you didn't have this power until after you saw his wife dead).
The voice acting is great and while the dialogue wasn't as poetical or whimsical as Max Payne, you can bet its going to be a good ride before the finish line.

The ending is something you will like, and says something about willpower.

Good voice-acting and kickass level design (Plus great action sequences) had me begging for more, I believe I replayed this four or five times :D

Very good mod. Good plot, good level design. 10/10


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