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A mod, first of it's kind, about the Civil war a few of the major battles that happened. Gettysburg and various other battles will be in single player, and mulitplayer may be developed for this modification at a later date. Enjoy!

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Greetings fellow followers, and gamers:

I do apologise for the long quiet absence, It has been a very long 3 months, and for most of the team, we have all been extremely busy, with real life situations, and have had our own problems to deal with.

Putting that aside, I (Christopher Carlisle James) re-arranged my group, recently removing inactive members, so we now have only active members remaining within this team. For a team we are extremely friendly and co-operative, and all have our many talents. We still need more skinners, coders, animators, designers, modellers, and most importantly TEXTURERS!.

If you are interested in helping out, and have some experience or believe you can help, Please do the following:

  • Go to and send me a pm, saying what you would like to help out with, your name, age, what experiences you have, and just a little background briefly on what your interests are, just to get to know yourself a bit in a friendly manner.

If for any reason, I am aware for a long duration of time, and do not get back to you within 5 working days, then please send a message to this other member of my group, where he will contact you back prompto If I am unavailable:


Progress has been quite slow, for the last 3 months, and mostly has been on a big freeze, but I am glad to let you know, that we have stepped up our game and are once again working hard on this modification, when we have the time to do so. Our superb and wonderful modeller, Chompster, has created some lovely guns for us and some fantastic furniture!, we want this gaming experience to not just be epic, but beautiful in every way, and I will soon release some images for you all to see and enjoy. Our other amazing modeller, TheSoldier, has undertaken so far, most of the production of the firearms, and has created a fantastic set of weaponry, which can already been seen in the images on this page:, only just yesterday he finished another gun, The Colt Revolving Rifle, which I am sure you will all find really epic!.

Asureka, has made some amazing skins so far, and we do look into getting them re-textured soon when we find a replacement Texturer to our old one that has now gone, and he will now be working on getting some Confederate skins done (So all of you Confederate fans out there!, be aware that they are coming for you). In addition Chompster has created multiple artillery pieces; however when we can, we will then export them into a working format for the game, but this is partly where help is needed.

Completed, maybe shouldermarking missingUpdated 6 pounder

At this current time, we are unsure if a multi player will actually be created as an end result, but we will see, as for now we just want to get enough eventually done, to create some form of release, even if it only becomes a small pack, or add-on for Men of War. A lot of people have been asking, will we get to fight LARGE LINE BATTLES?, and will the SOLDIERS STAND THEIR GROUND?...well at this current time, without the proper coder etc, we cannot yet make that happen, but providing this modification carries on in a good standing order, then there is no reason why we cannot achieve that....but either way, we will be providing this mod to you free of charge, so we hope that you will all appreciate our hard work and effort on this, and like whatever we release in the end.

Completed, maybe shouldermarking missingM1857 12-pounder Napoleon Cannons

Also there has been a large, spark of maps that are now beginning to be made for this mod, as multiple members are working on getting some maps done, which we will at a later date edit even more, before the actual release. This mod is still in the very extreme early days, but if you like what you see, then you can support us by clicking the FOLLOW MOD button, and if you want to help out with this actual mod, then please contact us personally.

Thank you fellow gamers, and modders :)
Hope your December is a lovely one, as it is so nearly Christmas!

Union Soldier Skins (Made by Asureka)Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle (Created By Chompster)

Christopher Carlisle James - DaggerClassStudio

Please visit my Youtube Page,and subscribe to be kept up to date with this mod, and enjoy my various short film productions. Especially this short film that I made professionally for Halloween!, Enjoy :D

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