Blue Shift 2 is a Half Life 2 modification started by GMan003. It quickly gained support through its birth-forum, Facepunchstudios. Growing too large for the regular forums, the group started the Blue Shift 2 forums, which are still gaining support. Many positions are still available so if you meet the requirements, feel free to ask. --- In this game, a sequel to Gearbox's Blue Shift, you play as Barney Calhoun, an ally throughout much of Half-Life 2. The game takes place immediately before Half-Life 2, showing Barney's epic crusade through Industrial City 17, the coastal areas, Ravenholm, and outlying, fighting creatures and combine alike. It is built on the Half-Life 2 engine, Source. Half-Life 2 is required to play. Is not yet compatible with XBox, XBox360, PS3 or Linux versions of Half-Life 2.

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ModDB finally mirrored them. Enjoy.

Blue Shift 2 Demo 1

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This is the first of a series of small playable demos. This one still has many mior flaws, but none that affect gameplay. Known issues/to-dos: Weapon_csniper...

Playable Demo 1 release on Friday!

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Barring any disasters, a playable demo will be released on Friday. It will contain 1 level, 3 new weapons (not fully implemented, but usable), and several...

Blue Shift 2 adds Multiplayer, Media Update

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The great HL2 mod from Team Cherenkov, Blue Shift 2, is adding multiplayer to it's arsenal. Frantic class-based wars will break out between the Combine...

Blue Shift 2 in alpha stage

Blue Shift 2 in alpha stage

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We just built version 0.2 of the game, and would like to show how well we are coming along. Several chapters are nearing completion, and several new features...