Mod includes. Head explosion Body explosion (Quake 3 style) You can cook all grenades You can reload m1garand every time you whant. This mod includes files from Merciless MatadoR,Bloodlust,Modder's Hell The Lost Blood and The lost massacre mod. Files are not made by me , i just combine elements. I decide to make this mod, becouse all of these 4 mods make a big change to the whole game with weapons,scripts.. In my mod is classic cod 2 gameplay with gore effects and only other changes are cooking grenades and you can reload m1garand any time you whant. Gore mod.

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zzz BloodthirstyMod zzz

zzz BloodthirstyMod zzz

Full Version 12 comments

Features: Blood splatts Blood pools Head explosion Head gibs Body explosion Body gibs You can coocking grenades M1garand you can reload any time you whant...

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JaxOrSmthng - - 35 comments

Is there any way to remove the body guts thing after they explode? It looks extremely unrealistic and it has been annoying me for a while.

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Just_An_User_14 - - 8 comments

I Liked the mod, it's pretty brutal, it feels like if you were in wwii

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CornFlakes109 - - 13 comments

It's a good mod. Though, I would have liked to have seen blood stains on uniforms and soldiers' skin. That level of detail is featured in the Merciless Medtador mod. But, I have no idea how to get that mod to work with Back2Fronts. I wish someone could add more to this Bloodthirsty one.

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UGLIES - - 248 comments

I just want the bloodpools effect please

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ADOLFBESSMT - - 129 comments

DIS AWESOMEEEE!!! can you add blood arms like you shoot the enemy head and you got blood on your arms and hands. make a blood arms from German mod.

Heres the link German mod for Waffen-SS. Add a blood arms on German skin that they shoot enemy heads.

Also if i dont have german mod then you got a blood arms as being british or USA soldier or the Red army Soviet

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jaizzss - - 5 comments

Game crashes whenever I try to shoot the head or anywhere on the body, any fix? Unless if there should be a specific graphic setting that should be turned on/off for this to work.

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ethan76 - - 70 comments

I really like the mod, and I'm pairing it with Back2fronts, however I prefer using the back2fronts menu screen. Is it possible to use it without that?

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Mercer97 - - 7 comments

You open the mod file with 7-zip or other program, go to the folder called "images" and delete the file "background_american_w.iwi

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fuyuki359 - - 44 comments

Can you make a version that works with Back 2 Fronts?

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ethan76 - - 70 comments

This version is compatible after editing with 7-Zip.

1. Download the bloodthirsty mod from this moddb site.

2. Create a new folder and extract the .rar file to this folder.

3. Open the zzz_bloodthirsty_zzz.iwd file using 7zip. Right-clicking on the .iwd file and choosing "open with 7zip" works as well.

4. Locate the folder titled "weapons," right-click on it, and then click on delete.

6. Next, locate the folder titled "sound" and click on it. Find a file inside of the sound file titled "music." Delete the music file. Deleting these two files will prevent corruption and glitches during gameplay.

7. Drag and drop the zzz_bloodthirsty-zzz.iwd file into the Call of Duty 2 main folder in the same location as the Back2Fronts mod.

8. Now, start the game. I don't recommend loading a save though. I got an error the first time because I tried loading a save from where I left off last. Start any level from the very beginning. This has worked for me so far on everything for every single level. It's a lot more fun with B2Fs and it just made COD 2 even better.

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Guest - - 698,534 comments


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