Bloodstone: The Journey Home is a third person role-playing total conversion of Valveā€™s Half Life 2 - Episode One, using the Source engine. In this modification, Khrinz, a common farm boy is plunged into an unknown world of magic and deceit, on the brink of an unstoppable invasion by a technologically advanced race. Bloodstone - The Journey Home is being developed by the 3rd year project group "Greenhorn Production" of the "Computer and Video Games" course at the University of Salford, UK. Please check our our website ( for more details about the game.

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alot of work was put into this


Personally it is very out of the Half Life line, certainly not my style. Anyway, one elaborate work on the mod is appreciated.


Terrible models, movement mechanics, combat, and just overall gameplay. This seems like it could be a great game if it had a LOT more work done.

As it is right now, it is pretty bad. It makes for a hilarious let's play video, though.

This is a pretty good mod I've never seen anything like it so i wish to see at least some better stuff I know you can do better!


1. Voice acting work is fantastic, especially for a mod.
2. Art work is phenomenal. Staring through that stained glass window made me get goosebumbs. I don't even know why.
3. If done right, I can see this game being great. It already reminds me of Morrowind/Gothic II. And hell, those are the kind of games you do want to mimic.

1. Every building looks the same.
2. There isn't much color. They all seem like shades of gray, yellow and brown. Except the stained glass windows... M'mmm... delicious.
3. I can't left click the dialogue choices. I am force to hit the number on my keyboard.

1. It feels that this game should be in first person, rather than third person. The way the character slides is annoying. The Source engine was meant for first person games so the camera in third person is akward. Unless you can fix the camera issues and the sliding issue, then maybe you should rethink this games perspective.
2. If you decide to stay with third person, the camera should not be connected with the character, so when you use your mouse to look around, your character should stay in place and not turn. The idea that the character moves without even turning his body, that it just magically turns with the camera annoys me.

When I turned shader, shadow and HDR on their lowest settings, my character became stiff with no walking animation, and his arms were pointed out as if he wanted to be a "T". Though, when starting a new game, my character was fine again. Though, when at the main menu again, I decided to hit F7, though I had no save files, it just gave me my character with a sword and nothing else in my inventory. When I tried to see if I could make this bug happen again doing the same thing as before, the bug came back and at an attempt to use my sword, my character just went black and stay in that "T" form.
2. At one point while speaking with a guard, he decided to walk away, but I could still comunicate with him.

I should add... not using HL:E1.

Looks very polished.


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