Interconnected and realism themed vanilla-ish level design. Different difficulty setting. Single or co-op 2-4 players. No advanced engine needed. No jumping needed. Falling damage may kill you. Has official OST addon. May crash in some DOS engines like Chocolate Doom or Steam's DOSBox due to large level design areas. Tested and works fine in Crispy Doom and PrBoom+.

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Zapzop says

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Author runs out of ideas halfway of the wad, so you will be going through some deja-vu (or should I say backtracking?). The levels try to be immersive, but fail, because they are underdetailed. There are many bad design decisions, such as overly big levels with huge, useless empty areas without even a decoration. The biggest dissapointment for me was the last level(Map 20), because you don't need to put any efforts on killing the icon of sin boss, you just press the button near it and exit.
There are some cool things, like books on tables in various maps, but that's it.

That being said, skip to better singleplayer mappacks than this one!

Good music, and an interesting take on level design. The megawad is made up of a handful of recycled maps that have minor deviations; some items will be placed in different areas, some enemy encounters are changed up. Unfortunately, that design choice makes the megawad feel a bit stale and repetitive. Adding a few more level schemes could have made this more enjoyable. All in all, a decent megawad.


Good wad and I appreciate the little things that the creator put. Some nice ideas here and there. Very good music and atmosphere. I do believe however that the combination of large empty maps and original textures from doom 2 have created some plain environment and sometimes even unsightly landscapes.

Gave this a go. It's got some interesting ideas and the challenge level is more or less stable throughout most of it. I did like some of the combat situations and clever use of the Icon of Sin spawners in somewhat of a gauntlet style-- not something you see too often.
Level design-wise I felt this was very weak however, especially architecturally and pacing-wise. The outright recycling of areas in many maps (outright backtracking in some instances) felt lazy if I am honest. I do quite like the detailing on some areas (like the house in the first map or the outdoor outpost with the fire barrel, demons huddled around it) though it is sorely lacking in other areas altogether, especially outdoors with bland long hallways, canyons and flatlands lacking much detail.
The music was excellent and I enjoyed it very much, perhaps my favorite aspect of the mod, really.
I personally feel more variety in the maps and less recycling of areas would benefit such a project more-so and is the biggest downside to the project so far, though I did enjoy elements of the WAD nonetheless.

This was a great wad. The levels were big but not overly complex. In hurt me plenty, it was fair or on the easier side. The later levels lack health packs and are just earlier levels in reverse. Overall, I would recommend the wad still.


warif says

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Not bad.



Skrell says

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So far I'm very much enjoying the size and space of these maps. Architecturally they are all A's! However, the biggest problem is the difficulty level. These maps are PERFECT for coop play but need have to be FAR more difficult. Currently I'm playing with Brutal Doom v21 and it's just too easy to be maxed out on life. Please consider doubling enemy count in certain places and this will be a killer megawad!

While the monster count is a little on the low side for most megawads, the architecture and mood of the maps starts to really set in after the first six or so levels, and it becomes clear that the wad is a little more on the conceptual side.

My only real gripe would be that there were almost no secrets, especiall in the last dozen levels of the game, but this may have been the attitude of the narrative.
Played with the ModOhFun mod by Darspsycho.


K0RP53 says

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This is very plain. Nothing fancy here. Got bored on first map.

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