This is a Doom II PWAD with 32 levels and official music.

Play with any mods or addons of your choice. Designed to impress. Designed to enjoy. Designed to be different. Designed to be shared. Not designed to be redesigned. Please do not edit. Play in co-op or solo.

In 1994 a portal from hell was opened on the surfaces of planet Earth. Hordes of evil demons came through in an attempt to destroy all life.

This catastrophic event was brought to a hold by a special UAC "Union Aerospace Corporation" space marine unit. The portal was destroyed and all remaining hellish creatures were forced to live in special quarantine zones, called the "Bloodline" resorts.

Now the year is 2999. You are an almost retired UAC Peacekeeper assigned to monitor all evil on Earth. On your last shift you notice a code red alarm. It indicates suspicious activity around one of the main Bloodlines, close to the last remaining city that's still intact after the invasion.

You grab your gear and make haste back towards a nearby UAC headquarters to investigate the cause...

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Demons are allowed to live on Earth after the portal to Hell was opened by the UAC. Demons shall not kill the living. Demons shall not disturb the living. Demons shall obey nature's will at all times.

You are an almost retired UAC Peacekeeper, monitoring the designated areas where demons have their established living. One sip of your coffee, on a late night shift, and you notice a red alert on your monitor;

The start of the Bloodline

"RED ALERT! Hellish quarantine zone has been breached. RED ALERT! Hellish quarantine zone has been breached. RED ALERT! Hellish quarantine zone has been breached."

You sprint towards the headquarters to investigate...


My goal was to re-create the original Doom II levels but with a completely different story. My inspirational guideline was to use only the original textures. I love the classic design limitations of only being able to use one floor and ceiling at the time!


BLOODLINE MEGAWAD is a custom map pack for Doom II.

Megawad stands for a 15+ levels custom map pack for classic Doom games. It's also called a PWAD. The PWAD is the most familiar and widespread type of add-on for the Doom games and is typically used to store custom maps, define additional textures, or override or add to the default textures, sprites, sounds, or other data provided by the game's IWAD.


Nowadays it's possible to add slopes and multiple floors to classic Doom II levels with the use of modern map editing software. Bloodline Megawad however maintains the simplicity of the classic 90s style where this was not possible. This means it only uses horizontal floors and ceilings connected by vertical walls.


I reflected some of my previous gaming experience into the design of Bloodline Megawad. Games like Unreal and Unreal Tournament from '99, World of Warcraft and even the original Ultimate Doom and Doom II worlds gave me ideas on how to design Bloodline Megawad.

Bloodline Megawad features standard Doom II gameplay with interconnected levels, large outdoor areas and LOTS of blood.

blood booth

A Baron of Hell's Fun Fortress VIP blood booth. For drinking blood of duelling victims from the gambling area.


Doom II was the first game I ever played back in the 90's. I was deeply fascinated by all the guns, the intensely expressing textures, hellish monsters and atmospheric skyboxes. The level design of John Romero, one of the co-founders of id Software who developed Doom II really placed me into a nightmare I didn't want to escape. I really enjoyed the gameplay and wanted to get involved more by creating levels for it myself.


An outdoor area with a patrol warming themselves by a burning barrel


Back in the day when I discovered Doom II, it wasn't long before I was introduced to WADED by someone. This was an old DOS-based Doom II level editor. Countless nights on my old pentium PC with many hours on level editing followed, trying to create my own Doom II worlds with visions I feelings I had. I loved how my levels came to life and play them. The only downside with level editing back in the day was I had to go in-game to test my progress. This was very time consuming and lead to a 15 year break eventually.

Old doom level editor

WADED, a DOS-based 1995 classic Doom level editor with only a 2D interface


15 years after I discovered Doom I started playing it again, adding custom levels and mods to the game to keep things interesting. A popular mod I enjoyed was Brutal Doom made by Sgt.Mark.IV. It came with a bunch of high quality custom map packs called the Starter Pack Edition/Recurring Nightmare. When I played this and reached level 23 called "Stronghold" I experienced something very strange and interesting! There were no monsters around and there never came any monsters as I walked carefully through the level. Because of this I had time to see how the level was designed, even though my heart was beating very fast. I was expecting monsters to attack me at any moment but they never did... When I reloaded the level with a simple console command, all monsters were back and I realized it was just a glitch and the monsters never spawned when I played it the first time. Even though it wasn't intended to be an empty map, I loved this unique experience and wanted to do something with it. It inspired me to pick up level editing again!

Finally home...

Your main home somewhere in Sandy's City


I also played other games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault but their editing tools were too advanced in my taste.

Weird area

A weird area in Sandy's City

When I started creating Bloodline Megawad I partnered up with Luigi "LuiDeca/ WeeGee" Bonocchi who I met on moddb. We agreed to team up on this and he wanted to produce all soundtracks for Bloodline Megawad to give each level a unique feeling and atmoshpere.

You found a secret entrance

A secret passage leading deeper into the bloodline...


I started using more modern level editing software for Doom II instead of the old DOS-based WADED. It's called GZDoom Builder and is still being maintained and updated. It also has a 3D preview interface that allows you to fly through your levels and make adjustments at the same time. No need to start the game each time you want to preview your map, as was in WADED and similar old editors. GZDoom Builder also allows you to create slopes, multi story platforms, a body of water, custom sound placement, RP (roleplay) features, scripts, 3D objects and lightning, but that is still too advanced for me.

Building Bloodline v4

3D level editing interface of GZDoom Builder, placing objects and editing a door texture.


My experience with games like Max Payne gave me the sense of realism for the design of Bloodline Megawad. World of Warcraft for the great outdoors and repetitive dungeon design, Grand Theft Auto for it's open world, Medal of Honor for it's time traveling, Call of Duty for it's simulation, Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament GOTY (game of the year edition) for it's combat and Far Cry for it's fantasy.

Sandy's City

Entering Sandy's City with a rocket launcher, playing in the Doomsday engine.

doom2 016

The changing room in the the UAC Peacekeeper Headquarters


Bloodline Megawad is designed to be played with any mod or addon of your choice. Play it with any source port you like, vanilla or advanced. You may turn falling damage on and restart any map empty handed as well. Play on Nightmare difficulty for a challenge or try to play through it with the famous mod Project Brutality on Last Man On Earth and Deathwish settings!

Ultimately you should run through it with Brutal Doom in Tactical > Brutal Realism Mode.

I tested Bloodline with the source ports Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, Zandronum, GZDoom, ZDoom, QZDoom, PrBoom+, Doomsday, Doom Legacy and Doom2 (Steam dosbox) on both PC and a few engines compatible on Mac. Only Chocolate Doom and Doom2 (Steam dosbox) crashed when entering large areas in some levels. You can choose to play with different rendering, fog and lightning settings.

Download links:

Bloodline Megawad and this article is created by Rubber Tunes.

The official music addon is produced by Luigi.

Connect with Rubber Tunes: Rubber Tunes YouTube Channel

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Bloodline Megawad v5.8 (final version)

Bloodline Megawad v5.8 (final version)

Full Version 3 comments

May 22nd 2020 update. This is the very, very final version. I changed, added and removed a few things in many maps. Check the CHANGELOG for more info...

Bloodline Megawad v5.3

Bloodline Megawad v5.3

Full Version 9 comments

This was the final version with the official music soundtracks included. Please download version 54. This is a clean vanilla megawad for Doom II. This...

Maps Only v5.2d-3

Maps Only v5.2d-3

Full Version 5 comments

Zandronum and online multiplayer friendly. I personally like to add the popular mods Brutal Doom or Project Brutality when I play through on hardest difficulty...

Music Only v5.2d-3

Music Only v5.2d-3

Full Version

This is the official OST for Bloodline Megawad produced by Luigi.

Bloodline Megawad v4.8

Bloodline Megawad v4.8

Full Version

32 level megawad for Doom II. Single player or 2-4 player co-op. Interconnected levels with an open world/realism theme and lots of blood.

Bloodline Megawad v4.6e

Bloodline Megawad v4.6e

Full Version 6 comments

31 level megawad for Doom II. Single player or 2-4 player co-op. Interconnected levels, open world/realism theme and lots of blood.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 26)

Gee, I sure do love getting sniped by enemies with exceptional reaction time and night vision from hundreds of meters away

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's called Bloodline, because you are following literally a line of blood.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RubberTunes Creator

Actually not really for that reason. I added lines of blood here and there. It's called Bloodline because it's my "bloodline" of gaming experiences since the early 90s. Doom, Quake, Unreal, Duke Nukem 3D, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and many more games. Memories and experiences of all these and more games are put into my megawads.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just finished this WAD. A really good balance of difficulty and design. Love the architecture on some levels too. Great soundtrack that goes with the ambience and strangeness of the levels.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

good to see people liking my music!! :))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I love the aesthetic behind some of your levels, especially the opening few. It reminds me of zdislaw beksinki's art

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
RubberTunes Creator

Thanks for your words. I checked out Zdzisław Beksiński and indeed his art reflects pretty much what I'm after in Bloodline mostly!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Your mod looks amazing but I have a question. The blue soldiers speak German or something? I say it because it seems that you belong directly to Wolfenstein 3D.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
RubberTunes Creator

there are no extra/custom textures, models or audio. only pure level structures. the wolfenstein you see are a part of either original doom2, brutal doom, your source port (zandronum, prboom+, doom legacy, gzdoom etc..) but not part of bloodline. try running doom 2 without any levels or addons, than go to level 31 or level 32. do this by starting doom 2 and type the cheat IDCLEV31 or IDCLEV32. just type it as you are in game, you don't need a console. you will teleport to one of these secret original doom 2 levels and see the wolfenstein soldiers.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Okay, this is the weirdest mapset I have ever played. And I have played Mr Smileyheads Safari.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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