Blood: The Curse Hunter is a free fan-made project inspired by the atmosphere of the first Blood (1997) game.

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I changed my rating from 3 to 4 only for the fact that obnoxious description was removed
"This mod is mine AND IS BETTER than the original gmae because it has HD GRAPHICS !!!1!!!1!".
Still it looks kind of lacking in the gameplay department but people can't get enough of that Bloom and eye candy **** doesn't it ?

Brutal Blood when Bifurcator ?

That's blood and I know it


Thorir says

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Not a good one.



Very nice.


warif says

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Not bad.

Black Edition Team's newest mod... or should I say game, as it's an ipk3 which comes with its own installer. A sequel to Blood, apparently. I think they kinda learned something from DSC's backlash : the detail doesn't come just from shiny textures, but also actually adding details to the map. The interaction system is very similiar to Half Life 2's and can get silly sometimes, for example you can litterally get the zombie's corpse and carry it around. It's pretty heavy on performance, even laggier than Hunter's Moon at default settings to me. Perhaps the choice of beta-testing was what made this not-a-pile-of-crap.

amazing job, cant wait to play fullversion


Great work! Make sure you continue!

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