Your name Scott Day-La-Bell, You just got rejected by a totally hot girl. who would like to date you but wont because she has a "kind of boy friend" who lives a 2 hour drive away and because hes not dating any one else *COUGH*bull*COUGH* she cant eather. Selfish prick...but any way your 18 in the prime of your life. But for some odd resion you were taking a nap, on a saturday night. Insted of going to that party because its "to far". Then you hear a noise, You grab the gun out of your dressor, and you go to see what the noise was. You are extra on edge because on the news you saw a story (well you diddent auctly see it because you hate to watch the news [this just in, a deadly virus out break just happened we will let you know were to get the antidote at 10] you just heard some friends talking about it and pretended to know about it. Then you later bought a paper to not seem like a dumb ass) about how 27 people from the tricounty area have dissappered in the past weeks. By BIGman10in

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There is something you learn playing mods, its that some just don’t know what the hell they are doing. The mapping is atrocious, like someone attempted it once and decided “thats good enough”. It doesn’t even seem to be a design choice like your being thrown into these rooms one after another designed to be ‘arena’ stages so that people can watch as you fight behind glass. That would make sense only most of the rooms don’t have any glass and there are no cameras.
It seems like your randomly going from one room to another, the transitions don’t make any sense… not even for a arena styled story. Because you’re going up into vents then down, then up through water, then down again… its like a jumbled test map.

And regardless they are very block/empty so hideous to look at.

The ending makes about as much sense as the rest of the mod, you find the boss only you have no idea how he managed to get inside this arena as there are no doors anywhere… when you kill him for some reason a nuclear bomb is about to go off. What the hell is this? It’s becomes obvious quickly…
This mod has had its difficulty ramped up with tougher enemies but your weapons like the machine gun/shotgun fire faster, yet revolver fire slower.
Its designed to test your endurance and pain tolerance in the most tiresome way possible.

About the only good idea is the scientist that comes after you with the syringe which totally caught me by surprise. If he did more damage (and had alot less health) it would be a good idea to use him in a real mod.
The part that makes the least sense is fighting a room full of them…

Mediocre, but you can see that the author put effort into it.



I reviewed this a few years back and replayed it again just recently and ugh I think it was even worse. The mapping was so carelessly bad that I'm really at a loss for words right now. In fact, I will go as far to say that the very first map I made with doors and monsters was way better than this ****. It was amateurish and only one stupid level, but it had one thing that this mod didn't: EFFORT. :/

Mod does not deserve the the bad score it got just for just for the first two maps.

use a grenade on the transparent orange rock and its all gold after.


Probably the best mod ever made




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