Block 72. While “Blocks” are more commonly referred to as parts of a prison, Block 72, though, is a prison within itself.

No one has survived.

No one has escaped.

Until today.

Block - 72 (the mod) is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. While the mod's story is most definitely not about anything that really happened in Half-Life 2, it tries to stay true to the universe.

As of 4/28/10, the mod has been overhauled internally and current progress has been scrapped.

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Happy holidays


Have a great holiday season everyone, remember to stay safe :)

We'll see you back here in January.

What? You want something?

Oh alright, since it's Christmas and all....

You can download a small pack of wallpapers that we made. It's all the same wallpaper but with different variations, including a Christmas one (that I just shop'd 5 minutes ago)

Happy holidays everyone!

Progress update + Concept art

Progress update + Concept art

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It's been a while since the last news post- August I believe. Time for some art!

August update + media

August update + media

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Recently during our transition to the Episode 1 engine we have been working on heightening realism without actually affecting gameplay.

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Wallpaper pack 1

Wallpaper pack 1


A tiny wallpaper pack we made as a Christmas present to you.


looks cool

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Hmmm, looks like it has promise, hope it doesn't turn out like 90% of all the other HL2 mods, you know what I mean. Tracking.

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My one complaint?

Torcher, I believe you mean Torture? The rest of the mod looks great, have to see were its headed in further updates though.

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I need to see more before I track. All I see is a few unimpressive maps.

Im just curious, because you said you waited to unveil this mod, but I dont see any thing huge in terms of announcement.

Good luck with the mod! ;D

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Hmm, interesting?

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