This mod also works with Company of Heroes and/or Tales of Valor. Opposing Fronts is not required! There are many features that I added, for example: - a much more realistic Weapon damage system - many new skins for infantry and tanks (and wrecks) also including many of my own made tank skins - many new units for all factions - modified and enlarged Commander Trees (now 16 Upgrades!) - new abilities - new sounds - recommended new maps included

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I have played Blitzkrieg-Mod in 134 hours! And thought I should maybe write a review for the good Mod.

Blitzkrieg's main feature for especially me, is the expanded "Commander Trees" with 16 upgrades for each Doctrine!
But other features like:
New units, HD skins, realism in field, new maps and new abilities actually changes a lot in the tactical point of view!

You can no longer spam with Panzer IV or with Nebelwerfer, because the enemy has better Anti-Tank and because strikes and abilities now costs ammo and makes the game more advanced in strategies.

The game is very balanced, and much harder and more advanced warfare is needed to win the skirmish!

Blitzkrieg also has Multiplayer-Online, so you can be from 2 to 8 players in field, 4 as Axis and 4 as Allies!

Every map is very different from the others, and you have to think fast and more advanced to see the great advantages in the field!


This is the second best Mod I've ever played to Company of Heroes, and I think everyone should try the Mod.
It is hard to learn and be more advanced, but when you get some experience you will be the enemies biggest fright!

10/10 for excellent gameplay and grapichs!

Recommended by: Brage S.

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Best COH mod you will find, most realistic you will get in COH, with no new factions this mod pwns everything, imagine with new factions, but its alot of work, so dont get angry on the devs if they dont add any, which i dont think they will, but anyway, play it and you will never find yourself using the vCOH shortcut again ;)

Nov 2 2010 by Wulfburk12