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RSS A review of progress in 2018

Holding the flag high does not accomplish anything on its own. The outcome of 2018 holds some lessons to be learned and requires a new standard to break the tide.

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Progress in 2018

  • Stopped working on Ichigo's combo tree, to work on the blocking feature
  • ...

That is the worst year in the life of BZSmod. It literally would have anyone question if the team really wants to work on it, especially when the comments suggests that something will happen.

It puts the mod in a bad position where the team needs to sit down and talk about if we really are going to complete the mod in 2019 or give up on it.
It will require deadlines to be set and met, otherwise it is over. The actions states more than the words, and truly while everyone has gotten more busy than before, 52 weekends without anything to show for it rings a hollow sound.

Holding the flag high and smiling won't accomplish anything on its own, it does require work to finish the mod and while BZSmod will have to stand without the momentum of the bleach series, it should not be forgotten how much more the mod is. It is not just an anime skin on Gordon Freeman, it is the evolvement of artists for a decade. To burn it would be similar to sacrilege, so if it has to go that way it better be after we tried to save it.

We will make a plan for 2019, and what will come of it, only time will tell.


Damn, sad to hear you guys have fallen on hard times, I wish you good luck and hope everything works out. I really admire what you're trying to do, and you folks are awesome whether you finish the project or not. Take care and I hope you can get things back on track.

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Ahh that sucks. I would talk with the artists and all those involved, if everyone wants to give up I would suggest allowing it to be publicly modified. That way if anyone wants to continue the work or port it to half life 2 they have a starting point. It looks like a lot of hard work to get wasted. I thought it was looking like it was going to be a great mod, don't give up!

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eliasr AuthorSubscriber

It is my aim let as much as possible be public accessible, whether we release it or not.
I can only promise that the code will be available, other artists might not allow their work to be public.

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