One day I (Kary) was so bored, that I've decided to create a mod. Then the next day I've found a person on the Internet, a person who was bored even more then me (ELjano), and he wanted to help me with it... Your name is "Franta Novák" and you are working in a of nuclear waste storage facility. But your boss has little regard for the law and makes you spill the nuclear waste into the forest. After some time strange creatures will appear and you must save yourself.

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Dobrý Mod


Unplayable, boss is overwhelmingly strong.

Super Konečne Daka Čech Moda !


Great fun mod! But why it is so short? I really want more ;). And English translation will be highly appreciated as well.

Forget trying to pronounce the mods name, it's best to focus on what little story this mod offers.

That being said, I think someone should tell me what the point of this mod was.

It's challenging at times, yes, but it has no pacing and the level design cuts from realistic to surreal in seconds.

Give it a try, if you like experimenting with strange mods :/


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