Blade Yautja Doom 3 TC mod current version 1.2 (now available) In Blade Yautja you become a hunter and use various weapons and skills to survive various locations and adversaries. This project remakes doom 3 into a new adventure with a unique character many are familiar with into a mostly total conversion mod to where you are the predator from the movies and venture forth into a completely new world(s). Updates will be made as soon as they are available and ready for play. you will find all that here on moddb and on the summary page of this project. Thanks Everyone! Blade

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The mod is unique, as it sums up all of the stuff (well, almost all) from the "Predator" franchise and takes it to a whole new level - very few mods contain so much stuff from the "Aliens vs Predator" franchise and its whole universe justifiably related to mod's theme, plus very few of 'em contain so much tribute to sir Ridley Scott (namely "Alien" and "Prometheus" movies) and the deceased participants of AvP projects - Giger, Peter Hall, Winston. It's a dream come true mod for all "AvP" universe fans as it contains the most wanted levels, episodes, characters, weapons and gadgets one can possibly come up with (well, if not, there's a vivid hint on future DLCs) keeping you more and more captivated. Some say there's a couple of minor bugs and problems, but so far I didn't stumble upon any of 'em at all; besides, taking into account it's a work of a single author I see any complaints about it as a deadly sin. Verdict: must play for all "AvP" universe fans; the best candidate for the mod of the year award (well, in my book, it's a winner anyway).

it`s very nice mod. really, avp5 game was released! (avp5, because avp3 for me is "beta predator playable reace" for TESIV:oblivion) Like AVP mod for Oblivion was a reason to play in TES games, this mod is a reason to play DOOM 3. I never saw so much fun love to the characters, design, menu, etc., as in this mod. but there are too many bugs. First, the geame is freezing like skyrim with 200+ mods, it`s strange for 2004 game. Second, predators have red blood, aliens and human - green. Third, night vision ofen isn`t working. Cloaking meqans nothing - people attack me lke I`m visible. also, it`s too strange, that bats and rats are the most dangerous enemies of the predator, DLC isn`t working - only original DOOm 3 opens when I try to loa dit from thismod menu. Anyway, it`s one of the best mods I ever played since almost prehistoric for now 2008 year. My favourite level is Antarctic, the game itslef eminds me combination of AVP2, AVP3 and Oblivion with mods (level far away lands is a direct easter egg for oblivion and Alladin, as I think). I wish as DLC`s alien/predalien/alien queen campaighn, bug free release of tand-alone version and,maybe, dinosaur-hunt level.


A 7 for the rough edges, that is really expected on a one developer mod but i still can't give it a 10. I must say this mod is really a labor of love, it shows from the start to finish, and has some features that are chock full of potential, they just need more work. The reason i do not give a 10 to this mod is because of this reasons, one is the cloack system, it needs two keys to work, one is just a visual effect, that as some small glitches and the second key is in reality a cheat in disguise imo, by hitting that key i think you are just enabling a notarget cheat to the AI, at least that is what feels like to me, i can be in their face, jump and make noise and they will not react, again that is what it seems has i haven't seen the underlying code, second the difficulty is also very high, i'm not against high difficulty mind you, but when a simple mouse can kill a predator something is not well, third the predator visions are nice but the heat vision takes a big toll on the performance, rendering it almost unusable to me, that is not good for a predator game has it is the main vision mode for the creature.


Awesome hard work has went into this project :D
Highly recommend to anyone reading to try this out :)
keep up the great work
ModDB is forcing me to write more than i want so, I'm pointing this out to make up for the required 150 characters lol


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I like the predator mission one as like this!


Well, it can be seen that author had done a lot of efforts of bringing tonns of details to mod. It's very nostalgic for AvP fanboys.
But. Behind these small details you can find only unoptimized and poorly done levels even below AvP2000 expectation; and the major thing - it lacks gamedesign. If you've played AvP series, then you'd expect something of a Thief, Riddick, Dark Messiah and other stealth games gameplay of plan-first-act-second. But you find only little modification of original Doom3 mechanics, with it's pretty-straight-forward AI, with shoot-first-think-second action, with those tonns of things not working as they should have.
So, in the end we get a lot of Nostalgy, a little of Game. The mod requires heavy polishing.
I'd advice author to take a look at The Dark Mod - D3 'thief' mod that became stand-alone quite time already. Take, use it's community help, and throw out everything that relates to lockpicking etc, and leave hiding, AI etc. I believe, it would ease life a lot.
Second, I'd recommend to dive in to details, because the devil hides there. Don't just add things, make them work as they should.
To conclude, this project looks promising but only after several iterations. In the end, it could be something that The Dark Mod has become for Thief-fans.

This is a great overhaul of doom 3. It feels like you actually are a predator and playing through the misions from the movies, if you really out your mind to it, this can become a standalone game, the only thing I did not like was the selection of maps, you should just make all the maps in a specific order so it's like a proper predator campaign, I understand with the vast variety of terrain and environment on each levels are unique so it would look out weird playing one level in the ice fields and the next inside a forests, however I still find it more confusing playing the levels out of order, it's confusing and it doesn't feel right. But other than that. Scripting the mod to make it load all the maps like a proper campaign in order or as bet as you can, this mod is amazing. A lot of hard work put in it. Well done


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