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In Black Snow Coop you can encounter the same horrors that you went through in the single player mod! But this time together as four players! Choose your character with unique benefits: Fletcher, Ronnie, Craig & Paul!

Aparskap says

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Well.. that.. that sure was something.

I don't know where to begin.. I have not played the original version but what i have heard it doesn't come close to this level of awfulness.

The voice acting i can forgive, but it should have been replaced with text, or even better, You could have given a hobo 5 bucks and he would have done it more decently.

Players falling out of the helicopter repeatedly in the first scene, the person you are supposed to meet in the beginning doesn't start dialog always, meaning you will have to reset the whole thing again until he does. The black smoke thing doesn't even attack you most of the time and he targets one player so he will mostly ignore everyone else. When more than one player enters a building at the same time they get stuck. The warmth that heals you heals everyone no matter where you are. The full screen effects that a player has, come for everyone (like entering a building black fade). And the list goes on and on..

These are bugs which are relatively easy to fix, but still after that it's not worth the time; because the mod just simply doesn't work as co-op. It's solely a single player mod.

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