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In Black Snow Coop you can encounter the same horrors that you went through in the single player mod! But this time together as four players! Choose your character with unique benefits: Fletcher, Ronnie, Craig & Paul!

Sircherry says

2/10 - Agree Disagree

I played bad mods before but this one makes the cake the game has a LARGE amount of glitchs i would have been better off playing the single player version it was more refined then this,Its not that bad but it gets EXTREMLY frustrating to restart the game due to a script error this mod REQUIRES to be looked into more refine it alot more make it better and exactly use co-op the way is ment to be used....Actually make your co-op partner do things make your team mates required to be there because if i wanted to i think i can play this all solo which defeats the purpose of it being a co-op mod if i can play it solo and finish it whats the point and the mod was short,there wasn't really much to having a team you really felt alone the whole way ALSO a annoying glitch occurs when 2 or more people are standing at a door and open it all players will get stuck into each other and will be forced to type the kill command for a co-op game it has ALOT of glitchs i spent about 3 hours on this i got to the end and guess what a script error by then i said screw it i dont wanna do this all over again.From something i wanted to play with my friends it became a time waster i actually felt bad for my for my friends because i kept telling them to play this that this was a horror co-op thing that we can all play i told them it was supposed to be good boy i was wrong also before i forget the models in this game arent original there all ripped from different places

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