In this chapter of the Black Mesa Incident you are a highly trained Black Op Soldier. You were sent in with a small squad to assassinate Gordon Freeman as well as other personnel that gave the H.E.C.U trouble. But as the grunts begin to fail and pull out your orders change. Now you must silence HECU soldiers that were left behind and conceal any evidence of the Black Mesa incident. In this journey you will visit new and old areas of black mesa, battling the forces of xen, race x, black mesa security guards, and HECU stragglers. I also plan on adding some new enemies, ones that Gordon & Adrian didn't get to see. With all these adversaries ahead, its good to know that these ferocious agile assassins will be on your side.

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Now that's very well made.. While I'm not sure about the different brick textures there it still seems somewhat good yet intrusive. I'd possibly try finding a better texture for the walls over there other than that it's perfect in every aspect..

Perhaps if at all play a bit more around with the ground extend a bit upon it. Not letting it appear so flat while there are already height differences in it they seem somewhat insignificant.

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poisonheadcrab Author

The wall texture is actually metallic. (I wanted to show a close up of it but I can't add pics in comments) It may looks like bricks from afar though.

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Interesting looking map! I like the lighting and the atmosphere. I agree with 23-down, you should try and find a better metallic texture for the walls. Other than that, this area is really well-done ;) .

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/. dara rara /.

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I'm finally making some good headway on this area. I've ended up having to scrap two ideas altogether. When the mod releases I'll provide map files of the old versions if any one is interested. There's a lot of old maps that I've completely scraped, mostly do to poor design.

Complex info:
Another facility at black mesa built for testing biological organisms from xen as well as wildlife. Some race X monsters are being tested here as well but not much is known about them.

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