Loop Mod is an addition to Black Mesa's On a Rail chapter, adding a couple areas to the very first map of the chapter. The mod reinstates the looped gameplay that was present in the original Half Life but was left out of Black Mesa, in part because the original design was deemed confusing. This issue has (hopefully) been done away with in the mod. It also reinstates three iconic areas from the original as well. The mod also fixes some design errors that were present in the original map. Comes with On a Rail Uncut compatibility.


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Just like On a Rail Uncut, this mod adds back cut content in a way that not only adds atmosphere, but detailed and wisely-built areas that are consistent with the already amazing Black Mesa mod. I consider the added content to be polished to perfection and professional. Not to mention, the On a Rail: Uncut compatibility is an extremely convenient perk, and I commend the author greatly for that as well. Excellent work!

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