Without a doubt, Half-Life has been one of the most famous FPS of all time, and its long-awaited Remake was able to do it justice by making us feel again in the Black Mesa Incident, so in some way we want to offer you a well-deserved tribute. Black Mesa Goldsource is an unofficial Half-Life 1 Remake-Reboot in true Black Mesa Source style, using the graphics engine from the first title in the series. With new in-game features, a variety of characters, enemies, allies, and weapons previously seen in Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay, as well as others not previously deployed, a more extensive core campaign that includes alternate routes and a partial reboot of the history.

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Black Mesa Goldsource

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Good guys, I bring you the new features to include in the Black Mesa Goldsource project, highlighting the following:

New Allies

Black Mesa civilian personnel:

  • Women scientists (New)
  • Administrative staff men and women (New)
  • Male engineers (New)
  • Male and female custodians (New)
  • Male and female doctors (New)

Black Mesa security personnel:

  • Women's Security Guards (New)
  • Otis Security Guard (Opposing Force)

HECU Military Forces:

  • HECU Soldiers Deserters (Black Mesa)

New Enemies

HECU Military Forces:

  • Engineer (Opposing Force)
  • Medical (Opposing Force)
  • Sniper (New)
  • Hassault (Trimmed)
  • Demolisher (New)
  • Flamethrower (New)

CIA Military Forces:

  • Black Ops Men (Opposing Force)

HECU Military Vehicles:

  • LAV-25 (New)
  • Humvee (New)

CIA Military Vehicles:

Boeing CH-47 (New)

Xenian Fauna:

  • Fast Headcrab (Half-Life 2)
  • Knoback Houndeye (Black Mesa)
  • Toad (Trimmed from HL)
  • Stukabat (Trimmed from HL)
  • Panthereye (Trimmed from HL)
  • Baby Ichyoursaur (New)
  • Marine Bullsquid (New)
  • Barnacle Marino (New)
  • Floater (trimmed from HL)
  • Kingpin (Trimmed from HL)

Xenian smart species:

  • Warrior Vortigaunts (New)
  • Women's Vortigaunts (New)
  • Baby Vortigaunts (New)
  • Alien Grunt Elite (New)

Zombie Types:

  • Scientific Zombie, Female Variant (New)
  • Zombie Hev Suit (Black Mesa)
  • Zombie Security Guard, Female Variant (New)
  • Zombie Concierge, Male and Female Variant (New)
  • Zombie Otis (New)
  • Zombie Engineer (New)
  • Zombie HECU, Variants (New)
  • Zombie Black Ops, Variants (New)
  • Gonome (Opposing Force)

New Weapons

  • Beretta m92f (New)
  • Desert Eagle (Opposing Force)
  • MP5 / Telescopic Sight (Similar to the Sveen Coop)
  • M4A1 / M203 (Similar to Sveen Coop)
  • M249 (Opposing Force)
  • M1A2 (Opposing Force)
  • Gatling (New)
  • Toad (Trimmed from HL)


The main campaign is divided into 20 chapters, being more extensive than the original. Including new scenarios with alternative routes of the player's choice.


  • Foreword - Welcome to Black Mesa (New)
  • Chapter 1 - Journey
  • Chapter 2 - Anomalous Materials
  • Chapter 3 - Unforeseen Consequences
  • Chapter 4 - Office Complex
  • Chapter 5 - Enemies in sight
  • Chapter 6 - Explosive Pit
  • Chapter 7 - Energy
  • Chapter 8 - On Rails
  • Chapter 9 - Capture
  • Chapter 10 - Waste process
  • Chapter 11 - Questionable Ethics
  • Chapter 12 - Surface Tension
  • Chapter 13 - Uplink (HL Demo)
  • Chapter 14 - Lambda Complex
  • Chapter 15 - Xen
  • Chapter 16 - Gonarch's Lair
  • Chapter 17 - Intruder
  • Chapter 18 - Nihilanth
  • Epilogue - Offer


The classic Deathmach mode is preserved, in addition to including 3 classic game modes:

  • Team vs. Team (Consists of teams with a maximum of 15 players vs. 15, with a choice of different character classes, TFC type).
  • Capture the flag (Classic way to capture the flag)
  • Mini cooperative campaign (Type Sveen Coop, teams are formed to cross scenarios full of enemies).


The new features in terms of gameplay stand out as follows:

Realistic Mode (Optional)

  • It consists of limiting the carrying of weapons that the player can carry in each category with a maximum of 8 in total, using a concept of discarding and replacing each other, including ammunition.
  • Reduced speed according to the weight of the weapons carried by the player.
  • Movement of weapons with a telescopic sight while aiming.
  • Stun the player for certain attacks (explosions, melee attacks).
  • Realistic impacts of medium and high heights cause the player to drop the weapon he is using when falling.
  • Melee combat in which the player can use 2 types of self defense, punches and kicks.
  • Camera movement identical to that of Black Mesa when the player is moving laterally.
  • Minimum camera movement when the player is inactive.
  • Storage of weapons when climbing stairs, the player being able to use them only when stopping and not in motion.

Gore Mode (Optional)

  • It consists in that the characters and the player can be torn to pieces and burned using various methods in different environments (gunshots, explosions, flamethrowers, melee attacks etc), in addition to being able to agonize after being seriously injured, even bleeding or burning to death. To die.

In this mode the characters will be able to continue fighting even when they are dying (If they carry any weapon in the case of humans), otherwise they will not attack and will only beg for their lives, constantly complaining until their death.


  • The location of certain weapons in the arsenal categories is modified.
  • An Iron mode is included.
  • A new use for the crossbow is included

, which consists of firing 2 types of ammunition.

  • New attack options are included for each weapon
  • A recoil mode is included for each weapon depending on the case
  • Independent Ammunition for each weapon (Including its magazine capacity)

To finish I must tell you that this game will be divided into 4 parts in episodic format (Similar to HL2), this in order to gradually release the game and not make you wait an eternity to finish it.

I hope this description of the new features to implement has given you a slight idea of what is coming with this project, for my part it is everything and soon I will bring you more news as we advance in the project, thank you very much for your support and attention.

Atte: Lambdabunker044

P.S: If you are interested in collaborating on this great project, do you know anything about basic or advanced programming, map editing, texture creation, modeling, sound editing, sprite editing, or are you just creative and come up with good ideas? Contact the team on your Discord server: Discord.gg

Black Mesa Goldsource

Black Mesa Goldsource

News 5 comments

Clarification:This project should not be confused with Black Mesa Classic (canceled some time ago), since both projects, although they have in common...

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I trust you guys won't have this ambitious project cancelled or abandoned just like BM: Classic. You guys have my support and gratitude.

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LambdaBunker044 Creator

Thank you very much for your faith and support in this project, rest assured that we will bring this project to reality soon. Cheers :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

a question the project could be executed with 3 gb of ram

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LambdaBunker044 Creator

Of course my friend

Reply Good karma+1 vote

and when will a beta be available

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LambdaBunker044 Creator

at the moment it is difficult to know or say a specific date for a DEMO version. I can only say that we are working very hard to move the project forward. greetings colleague

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Cool!!! I will keep my eye on it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LambdaBunker044 Creator

keep it safe potatoes

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this looks very promising :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LambdaBunker044 Creator

thanks college

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