Unofficial remake of a singleplayer mod "Azure Sheep" for Half-Life 1. With great exclusion, everything that does not correspond to the canons of the original game will be cut out. Demo is OUT!

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Review of the DEMO version (Part one):

Maps are really well done and visually briliant. There's so much detail in there and very well made lighting, pushing Source to the limits. This sometimes also lead to some annoyance where you get stuck on props.

Gameplay is a bit stale at the start. Walk into a room, 2 headcrabs spawn in front of you, walk into another room, headcrab spawns, etc. It gets better later on where soldiers ambush you from multiple sides and even the aliens can sometimes suprise you. So, some combat encounters could use another look, imho. Also, ammo was quite low at times.

The weapons look nice and feel good, with exception of the assault rifle. It could use some better animations. I like how the pistol fires quite slow, just like the NPC Barney would.

While the maps look great, they sometimes feel quite empty, especially at the start. The facility doesn't always feel alive. NPC's just stand around and don't talk to you. You are often traveling around alone, without any sign of friendly or enemy life. Luckely, there are more fun and interesting sequences later on.

So, all in all, visuals are near perfect but there's still some room for improvement in the gameplay department.

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The pistol is pretty annoying to use with its slow rate of fire. One part of the mod, the outside area with the burrowed headcrabs, also ran pretty slow on my rig. Could use some more optimization. Otherwise very solid mod so far. The ending was great.

Nov 18 2018 by Forsete