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This is a mod for BF1942 based on the Conflict in Somalia...It will focus mostly on the fighting in and around Mogadishu, but it will also cover other battles in the Operation. You can view our site at for more information and updates on our mod! -Sherrill

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Hey, you and I both know that we have been waiting for a hell of an interview. So, I interviewed the Sherrill from BHD. But if you want the info on this great mod, you'll have to read the full article. What do you got to lose?

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Bunkster: Hello there, Sherrill. First of all, thanks for replying. Of course you know, hopefully, I'll be asking you some questions about your awesome BF1942 modification Black Hawk Down. Would you be kind enough to help me out and answer them?

Sherrill: Yes, I would love to help in anyway.

Bunkster: Great! Alright, first off, lets let those people who don't know you a little bit about you. Sound good?

Sherrill: Sure, My name is Blake Sherrill and I am the project leader for the Black Hawk Down mod for BF1942. This is my first time being a leader for a mod, although our staff has really been doing some awesome work lately.

Bunkster: Awesome, that almost describes me, besides the name and the mod. Anyways, What's the deal with this mod, what's it about?

Sherrill: The mod is based on what really happened in Mogadishu on October 3, 1993. There are some things in the movie that weren't correct, so I really cant say were based on that. Were based more on the book. There will be a couple more maps that had to do with other things that happened in Somalia, but Mogadishu will be the focus point.

Bunkster: I see. But what are some of the features that will be in this mod?

Sherrill: Well, one of the features is that you will be able to play as the Rangers, Delta Force, or the Somalia Militia. Overall, the best part of the mod is that you will be able to fly a Blackhawk, AH-6, MH-6, or you can drive a humvee or one of the many Somalian technicals. You will also have a wide range of weapons to choose from; pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, etc.

Bunkster: Woah, thats alot of stuff. I hope your able to be as patient as possible, this mod should be the bomb. Now of course you know me, always wanting to know more, so... Where do some of the maps take place, and why there?

Sherrill: Well, right now we have a couple of maps planned out. We'll have one big map with the airfield to the city, then we'll have mission type maps. One is where the Chalks have to keep the corners and not let the Somalians take any. Another is where a Blackhawk is down, and the Rangers/Delta need to get to it as quick as they can. Somalians will be spawning around the crash site and the Rangers/Delta will be spawning farther off by the target building making it where team play is crucial. We also have more maps in mind, but we first need to worry about these.

Bunkster: Very impressive! I can't wait until its released. Which reminds me, exactly when is it going to be released? Do you know as of now?

Sherrill: As of now, we are waiting on a map editor from DICE/EA, which rumors has it still isnt released with Road To Rome. So, we really dont want to release a date since we don't really know when the map editor will be released.

Bunkster: Oh, so this is the reason that's holding this great mod back. Oh well, eventually it'll be out.

Sherrill: Oh it will eventually be out. Just need to get that map editor DICE/EA has been promising us.

Bunkster: Okie dokie.

Bunkster: Well, that's about it. Thanks for your time, and keep up the terrific work on the mod!

Sherrill: And thank you, and thanks for your support.

Bunkster: Any time.



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