A realistic adventure with a focus on puzzles and logical thinking, based in a fictional lodge. You must uncover the secrets the place holds, all the while fighting for your life in the bitter cold of the Northern Rocky Mountains...

hypershadic88 says

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Still my favorite custom story, this one actually makes you think!
the ambiance and maps are truly perfect, what made this custom story
more tense and scary was the fact that it was completely grounded in reality, it could have happened! The use of wolves as the threat was
excellent, you even went as far as to have holes in the walls here and there to show how the wolves were able to enter the building. Another thing that is a testament to your amazing dedication to the custom story was that some people may not even know about the "night" portion, you can finish the entire custom story with-out suffering from one of the falls. I played through it a second time immediately to see if you could beat it during the day, and you can!

the pros:
The voice acting was superb, probably the best I've heard.
The cassette hunt puzzle was fresh and actually made you think.
The ambiance, oh my god the ambiance, this is where Bitterwood peak truly shined.
The story was amazing, finding out the truth of what happened in the lodge, it was an adventure to say the least.

the cons:
There was but one little hindrance, as I have absolutely no musical bone in my body and am probably tone death, the puzzle with the piano was the only part I looked up how to do, while I'll admit this isn't the game's fault, the music that plays during the game should have went away when you were next to the piano, because you have a hard time hearing what to play on the piano on account of the background music overlapping the cassette's audio.

Overall, this is a truly perfect custom story, that offers an original experience that no other has. 10/10

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I think this story is amazing! The house itself is so extremly well detaild and the layout is just epic! The story is good and for once not unoriginal, which in my opinion is a good thing. I also love the scares! There are pretty few scares, but due to the fact that the wolf can sneak by on you at anytime in more or less every room is so spooky and is keeping you on the guard during the whole gameplay more or less. I even accidently ran right on to the wolf once. He took the way at the kitchen and…

Apr 28 2013 by KrustiClawn