A realistic adventure with a focus on puzzles and logical thinking, based in a fictional lodge. You must uncover the secrets the place holds, all the while fighting for your life in the bitter cold of the Northern Rocky Mountains...

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This TC is absolutely amazing and I'm finding it very difficult to even find flaws!

The level design for each area was really intriguing and your use of the standard ATDD models (and all those custom models) was interesting and really enhanced the gameplay. I enjoyed having the interior of the house in (mostly) one main piece - it made the whole aspect feel much more realistic. It's a shame that the highest level of detail comes at the cost of optimization (I have a slow computer), but it was a very immersive and detailed game even without the extra bits!

I can't think of anything to criticize since the only things I can think of a stylistic choices and not genuine criticism (such as the method you used for time transitions - showing the gradual change in darkness might cause more anticipation fear respones). But I'm not complaining (much) since these are really minor things and they didn't have a huge effect on my enjoyment.

Overall, I'm definitely giving this a 10/10 - you definitely deserve it!

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I think this story is amazing! The house itself is so extremly well detaild and the layout is just epic! The story is good and for once not unoriginal, which in my opinion is a good thing. I also love the scares! There are pretty few scares, but due to the fact that the wolf can sneak by on you at anytime in more or less every room is so spooky and is keeping you on the guard during the whole gameplay more or less. I even accidently ran right on to the wolf once. He took the way at the kitchen and…

Apr 28 2013 by KrustiClawn