A realistic adventure with a focus on puzzles and logical thinking, based in a fictional lodge. You must uncover the secrets the place holds, all the while fighting for your life in the bitter cold of the Northern Rocky Mountains...

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Not sure if I'm super dumb or the puzzles are really complicated. The game has it's atmosphere as scary as Amnesia The Dark Descent can be. The lack of sounds makes this hunter's lodge an amazingly scary place to be in. I love how you detailed every single bit of the story. Like, if you fall down the sky turns dark, and if you decide to try and leave this place while it's dark, wolves spawn and kill you. The custom models are amazing as well! The whole detailing and level design is on top level. That's one of the biggest pros. The cons however are there as well. The house is really big, so it might become really confusing where you have to go. It's hard already with these riddles, and the lack of subtitles does not help. I seriously think you should put some subtitles while the tapes are playing, since even though the voice acting is good, it might still be not understandable or clear. What I disliked mostly was the ending of the story. From ever since you got out of the house, the ending is far too long to be considered 'climatic'. Shorten the ending scenes, since you lose the viewers interest with that long final scenes. First you get out, then you pass out, then you run and fall down somewhere, then you wake up and run again, then you run and run and in the end you die... Really long. Although everything else seems epic, the ending really didn't manage to impress me.
Rating would go 9/10 for now, since with that kind of design and custom items, and with that scary atmosphere I cannot give it a lower rating. A really great story!

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I think this story is amazing! The house itself is so extremly well detaild and the layout is just epic! The story is good and for once not unoriginal, which in my opinion is a good thing. I also love the scares! There are pretty few scares, but due to the fact that the wolf can sneak by on you at anytime in more or less every room is so spooky and is keeping you on the guard during the whole gameplay more or less. I even accidently ran right on to the wolf once. He took the way at the kitchen and…

Apr 28 2013 by KrustiClawn