Well after about a million years of searching I found one BioShock mod that showed me how you can somewhat change up this old horse Anyhow, to get to the point, I have a how should I put this? Realism mod for BioShock now about halfway done. But since BioShock is kinda unrealistic, you might say hows that possible? Well I did it for Quake 4 so I can do it here and hopefully make it fun too. More details below:

Daniel_stark says

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A brilliant and unique game, that could easily have been "Ultimate" in terms of quality and playability, only let down by the greedy corporate restrictions by 2K Games.

Not only was there a massive untouched potential for an exceptional RPG, but also equal potential for modding, which was purposefully excluded, and in fact, you could say that they made every effort possible to make sure players could not Mod it.

Ironically the best and the worst game of all time, and the happiest and saddest experience for me.

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