- BigDaddy StoryLine is a Storyline mod for Freelancer.

- Storyline Missions well be much harder, and for some novice players impossible. You have been warned!
- DO NOT expect to have an easy time for this mod is for those who want a challenge in SP and Reality.
- This mod extends the play time it will take to complete it.
- My goal was 100 hours of gameplay before you complete the Storyline.
- It would be safe to say IF you complete the Storyline you should be able to beat about anyone in MP.

- Features in BigDaddy StoryLine v1.25
- Fixed several bugs, and intoduced some new concepts to Freelancer Universe.
- Fixed Rep bug on Mission 10.
- All shields are in-game and lootable.
- Lowered Bribes by 50%
- Reworked Rep so it's a little nicer.

- Features in BigDaddy StoryLine v1.2

- Real Space *
- Max player ammo is set to 160 *
- Cruising speed is set at 500 *
- All ships can mount class 10 shields, and weapons. With the Buyable Power Plants, and Armor.
- Now have a total of 42 ships.
- You could have a Starflyer AKA Sparrow that has as much power as a Titan, and armor of 5.5X the original hull.
- So now you can have your favorite ship and use it for as long as you want to.
- Samurai the Blood Dragon VHF Buyable and NPC's use it.*
- New Ships include Wolfhound 2, Mule 2, Bloodhound 2, Bretonia Paladin MKVI, Crow AKA
- Starblazer, Advanced Sparrow, Juni's ship called the Intimidator, Patriot MK2, Defender MK2, Rhino MK2, Odin, Warhammer II, & Ninja.
- These ships are also used buy NPC's
- Many ships upgraded.*
- Buy Ship Armor upgrades to BOOST your ships hit points. 11 to choose from*
- Buy Ship Power Plants to BOOST your ships power level. 18 to choose from*
- Buy Shield Generators to BOOST your ships Shield level. 10 to choose from*
- Power Plants, Shield Generators, Thrusters, Scanners, Tractor Beams, and Armor are only sold at Shipyards due to
- the fact that they must be fitted to your ship, and that takes a shipyard to do that.
- Npc's use player shields, Nanbots/Batteries *
- Everything is lootable on the ship except the Engines, and Power Plants As these items would unbalance the game. *
- Four types of scanners but only three are available to the player. One is use by the Stations and Weapons Platforms. *
- Improved thrusters *
- Improved shields *
- Improved ship loadouts for npc's. Watch out because they have full loadouts just like you Have. *
- Improved refire rate, and range for all weapons *
- You will also notice that some weapons work better on different shields then others. *
- I didn't think that the little difference in weapons the original Freelancer had made you think about changing shields or weapons
- Now you will see the difference, and you will need to rig your ship according to whom you'll be fighting.
- Weapons are now sold only at the faction’s base to which they belong.
- A few new weapons *
- EMP Mines on almost all NPC ship loadouts. You will find that this gives a huge game balance. *
- Advanced AI, more then you know, just try to survive *
- Made all shields closer in Regeneration, and Strength, Also no offline time. The Computer will drive you nuts LOL!*
- More ships spawn *
- Increased Mission pay for the Fighter pilots. *
- Increased loot for the miners out there.
- Nomad fighters now use the Nomad Energy Cannon, and they are lootable. *
- Nomad, and House Navy Cap Ship Encounters. *
- Battleship encounters are in a very different way then most mods. They pop up just about - anywhere now. *
- Improved Realistic Bribes mod *
- Improved Realistic Relations Mod*
- All jumpholes are open after you complete Mission One. You must complete all of mission one or it will not work.
- After you are out of Liberty space you can use the Jumpgates, but to get back in to Liberty space you will have to use
- a jumphole. You need to make use of this feature or Mission 3 might be impossible *
- Storyline jumpholes now show up on HUD map when you find them. And are usable as soon as you find them*
- Leveling from 1-40 Level 20 requires 48,500,000 credits - Level 30 requires 95,500,000 Level 40 requires 999,000,000
- So leveling up will take some time except through the Storyline. Hint take advantage of the storyline.
- Omnicron Minor Jump Hole is somewhere but you will have to find it. *
- Planet Gammu has an Equipment Dealer and Trader. *
- Planet Primus has an Equipment Dealer and Trader. *
- New Economy: And an Item is only sold where it is made or mined. This Economy will give the traders a real feel
- of trading. You will have long runs to make a big profit. Now trading is easier in v1.2
- No more vexing mission pop-up's *

Read the Readme in the mod for more info.

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BigDaddy Storyline v1.25

BigDaddy Storyline v1.25

Full Version 3 comments

BigDaddy StoryLine Mod v1.25 - BigDaddy StoryLine is a Storyline mod for Freelancer. - Storyline Missions well be much harder, and for some novice players...


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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Played story line through twice great mod found a CTD bug sigma 17- Omacron minor JH thought maybe locked till after storyline finished but still CTD ever time.radiation fields too deadly

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Awsome Mod I Downloaded it and played through Mission 10 and it has been a lot of fun Glad I found this. Great Mod and thx for making it.

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