Arsenal is an "Unofficial Expansion" for Battlefield Vietnam and adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.

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It is a great mod. It improves BFV really much. It ad's French paratroopers (Indochina Wars), ANZAC (Vietnam), Vietminh (Indochina), and more. I won't tell here about lots of new weapons, 'cause there is too many of them, but I can tell about new classes - Grenadier (1st Marine Divison) is guy with M79 (Blooper), with HE and buckshots, knife and 1911. Rifleman (In the same div) have M14 (yea, it have full auto too), 4 grenades, knife and Colt. And this is only 2 classes from 8. Just in one unit. But the thing that really ****** me off is... bots. Goddamit... there is so lots of places when your computer comrades are just... stoping. Like on LZ Natasha. I couldn't capture last point, 'cause most of French troops just blocked on some outpost. Really annoying, and I hope that developers will fix that ASAP.

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