Arsenal is an "Unofficial Expansion" for Battlefield Vietnam and adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.

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Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal 0.50 it's out! 3 unfinished maps where left behind (Phu Cat River, Ten Clicks North and Coral Sea), so we could release the update a few days earlier. BFVA 0.50 is heavily focused on maps so you can expect new levels of all genders. Plant and Defuse (“CS Style”), big maps, close quarters, Vietnam War, First Indochina War and WW2 maps are available. All with support for bots.

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Some screenshots:Khmer Rouge in Operation Eagle PullNew Guadalcanal mapBFV Dust Here is the complete changelist:

version 0.50 (January 2009)

- Fixed Colt Commando muzzle flash (used the standard M16 'birdcage' effect, now a more appropriate one).
- Increased rifle grenade and grenade launcher velocity.
- Added an 'easter-egg'.
- Added new sounds for some silenced weapons.
- Balanced some kits adding grenades (Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Flamethrower kits).
- Increased the damage of all bolt action rifles. It blows the realism, I know, but now these rifles will be useful.

- Added new texture for the french M35 truck, by SomuaS35vsPanzerII (tuturbocquier AT
- Added A-7 Corsair II with 18x Mk.82 bombs.
- Fixed the jet engine exhaust effect not showing on a plane at full health.
- Added the japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha tank for the Viet Minh. Model and code from BFV_WW2Mod mod, new texture by Odanan.
- Tweaked handling of MiG-17 and A-7 Corsair - MiG-17 has a slower roll rate but better turn, Corsair no longer flies like a UFO.
- Added the M8 Greyhound combat car for the french in the First Indochina War. Model, texture and code by Dice (from SWoWW2 expansion).

- AI-controlled tanks engage infantry with the machine gun rather than cannon.
- AI will now be more aggressive with automatic weapons, and will use binoculars to request artillery on tanks.
- Improved AI behaviour drastically - no more falling through bridges or [killed] messages all the time.
- Stopped the American AI trying to destroy their own tent mobile spawnpoint.
- AI attacks mobile spawns once more.

- Fixed AI bug that caused CTD in Drop Zone Natasha (by removing the "only grenades" kit).
- Changed the order of the maps in the maplist - BFVA ones are now on top, standard BFV ones below that. Any custom maps that are not part of BFVA/BFV will be below everything else.
- Added terrain shadows and adjusted spawnpoints on BFV Air.
- Added co-op support for the BFV_Dust, by RussianComrade.
- Updated ambient sounds on Defending the Port (rain and thunder).
- Updated lexiconAll.dat with new map names and added some control point names.
- New map added: Operation Eagle Pull, by RedSand. MACVSOG needs to hold their base from a massive Khmer Rouge assault until their evacuation choppers are ready.
- New map added: Assault on Phou Sang, by SecretCommando. Co-op support by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Phou Sang Evening, by SecretCommando. Co-op support by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Hunter and Hunted, by RussianComrade. Counter Strike style map. US Army must defend a disabled Patton tank from the attacking Vietcong.
- New map added: Park: The Storm, by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Breakout, by SecretCommando, RussianComrade and Toucinator.
- New map added: Hue Alleyways, by RussianComrade and Toucinator.
- New map added: Hue North, by RussianComrade and Toucinator.
- New map added: The Bridge, by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Defending the Port II, by Toucinator. Co-op support by RussianComrade.
- New map added: French Route, by RussianComrade.
- New map added: BFVA Islands, by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Tarawa Atoll, by Toucinator. WW2 map. Co-op support by RussianComrade.
- New map added: Guadalcanal, by AB=EDO. WW2 map.

- Added hud art and new texture/body for the Khmer Rouge, by Odanan/Dice.
- Fixed the VC head showing a hat with different color at long distance.


Hi folks,

after the installation process there are two folders:

Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BFV_Arsenal
Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\bfv_arsenal_ww2

the second one, ww2, contains only five maps. Is this a bug or a feature? :)

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WOW GREAT !! i'm impatient to try it ^^

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*bump* Are you guys still there and read this thread? :)

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When I try to run it it tell me that "Access to the path 'Music/music1.bik' is denied" Does anyone know how to fix that?

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I have exactly same problem

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i have problems whit the maps of BFV Arsenal!!
when i star a map say BFV Arsenal stop to running

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