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Battle for Albenmark is a German total-conversion of RotWK based on the "Elfen"-Series written by Bernhard Hennen. It allows you take part in the battle between the migthy armies of the Albenmark against the evil Knights from the Church of Tjured. Will you be able to lead your forces to victory?

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In this article, you will find short descriptions of the mod's (sub-)factions: The church of Tjured with the Blood and the Ash Oak Order.

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The Church of Tjured

According to his followers, Tjured is the only God and world’s creator. Therefore, every living creature, no matter if human or animal, should bow to his will.

At first, the Church of Tjured was only a small order of priests located in Aniscans, the capital of Fargon. But when the Devanthar, the evil counterpart to the Alben, got to know something about this kind of creed, he decided to use those priests as a tool for his desire to annihilate and destroy the Alben’s creations, such as the Albenmark and its inhabitants, the Elfen, Trolls, Goblins or Centaurs.

He managed to make an Elfish woman pregnant and Emerelle, the queen of Albenmark, decided to kill the bastard after realizing the child wasn’t one of the Elfen, but a child of the Devanthar. However, the child’s mother hid the Devanthar’s son in the world of the humans. Later on, this child named Guillaume discovered that he was able to heal people (a gift of his father, commonly known as “Tjured’s boon”), and therefore was murdered by knights of another king.

Subsequently, the Devanthar spread the lie that the Elfen murdered Guillaume on purpose. So Guillaume was the first martyr of the Church of Tjured and the Elfen were declared as Tjured’s arch nemesis.

The Devanthar knew that the ability to heal was not his only gift for Guillaume: While healing humans, his children kill magical creatures like the Elfen. So he conceived many children with human women. But to establish and improve the church’s power, he needed soldiers. Consequently, he founded the Order of the Ash Oak. Thousand years later, the church of Tjured ruled nearly the whole human world, subduing every single kingdom except the Fjordland. However, the leaders of the Order of the Ash Oak got more corrupt, so after hundreds of years some zealots founded the Order of the Blood Oak.

Therefore, the Church of Tjured is split into two similar factions in the mod: The Order of the Ash Oak and the Order of the Blood Oak.

The Order of the Ash Oak

Founded by Michel Sarti, one of the Devanthar’s sons, this order developed its power throughout hundreds of years with its political and religious capital in Aniscans, which earlier was the capital of the kingdom of Fargon. Focused on heavy infantry and large amounts of knights, the conquest of the human world was not too difficult.

But greed claims many victims: Corruption and loss of faith were only some of the consequences.
So the infantry’s equipment is not up to date, gunpowder is one of the lategame upgrades.

The Order of the Blood Oak

Founded hundreds of years after the Order of the Ash Oak, this order stands for faith, enthusiasm and military cleverness. Located on the peninsula of Valloncour and fortified by the rough sea and several outposts, the knights-to-be have to learn reading, writing and of course the art of war for seven years to be allowed to call themselves “Knights of the Blood Oak”. Because of their limited numbers of knights, this order has to compensate the numerical superiority of the Order of the Ash Oak by focusing on technology and discipline. Therefore, things like gunpowder are part of the standard equipment.

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