You will play as the goblin infused strength focused Orc, the technologically advanced economical Human, the hyper-aggressive soul thirsty Lost, or the adaptive magic crazed Naga. Included are highly customized tech trees for each race, new heroes, units, abilities, spells, upgrades, integrated sea units, specialized terrain, and support features.

Report RSS Beyond the Throne v3.9.5.1

This update addresses many minute details of each race. There are also some substantial balance changes. The maps have been further optimized to reduce lag.

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Balance Changes:

-Thunder Wyvern added to Warlock (summon)
-Added cooldown to Suppress
-Supremacy Aura no longer works on friendly units
-Range of Giant Sea Turtle reduced from 1150 to 900
-Crushing Blows damage reduced from 25/50/75 to 5/10/15
-Hibernation health regeneration reduced from 20/30/40 to 5/10/15, and mana regeneration increased from 5/5/5 to 10/10/10

-Fixed Decimator collision size
-Assault Drones now die with Elite Rifleman
-Siege Engine Barrage attack cooldown decreased to 2 seconds from 3 seconds
-Cleansing Beams mana cost increased by 15
-Phoenix Rise added to Retribution Wagon (summon)
-Crew now repairs the Battleship
-Range of Bulwark reduced from 1150 to 900

-Monolith removed as requirement for Mana Circulation and Well of Sorrow
-Fixed Harbinger collision size
-Phase Shift replaced with Recompense Aura on Adjutant
-Tainted Fountain mana cost reduced to 155 from 175
-Metasis added to Corrus (summon)
-Lost town halls no longer provide 20 food, food available is now 150 for Lost by default

-Deriviative Wealth no longer activiates when Swindler is dead
-Derivative Wealth values adjusted to: 1/2/3 gold per 600 enemy gold
-Liquidate no longer targets massive organic units
-Derivative Wealth gain capped at 10 gold per second
-Vengeance Countdown replaced with Gaia Tether on Remnant


-One of Mistress's names changed
-Shaman model/icon updated, name changed to Warlock
-Dragon Roost no longer available at tier 2
-Orc Foundry has new model, name change to Rig
-Demolish has new icon
-Behemoth model replaced, renamed to Battle Guide

-Removed Rifleman model, it isn't worth the kbs
-Fixed Decimator turret not swiveling
-Added description buff to Decimator
-Savant Mage icon updated
-Critical Sector now uses circle of power model
-Comradeship no longer causes first cast lag

-Adjutant has hero glow
-Obsidian Moor selection circle enlarged
-Gameplay interface adjusted for Lost: "Summon more Rifts to hire more units."
-Spawn effect moved from Tainted Fountain to Mana Circulation upgrade on Conduit
-Mana Circulation now has permanent special effect for Conduit
-Fixed Soul Patch buff not showing on melee units
-Shadow icon updated
-Pain Lord now uses cinematic Lich with new skin
-Derelict uses same projectile as Incursus and Ravager
-Restore has new icon
-Crimson Monarch has new missile model
-Harbinger has new model/icon
-Tainted Fountain description revised
-Pillar of Wrath range reduced from 1100 to 800, minimum range removed, maximum targets increased to 3
-Mana Shield has new effect/icon
-Dark Retreat has new target effect model
-Corruption has new effect models

-Mercenary Wharfs moved, renamed to Privateer Wharf
-Mercenary Camps restored, neutral abilities and units now conform to hotkey grid
-Decoy hotkey fixed
-Fire Sale reworked to into Greed Vault

-Hero glow color fixed
-Updated game message
-Updated unit priority lists
workers, transports 1
suicidal 2
land ranged, naval ranged 3
basic melee, militia 4
mechanical siege, heavy naval 5
basic caster 6
flying support, naval support 7
advanced melee 8
special flying 9
advanced caster 10
heroes 11
experimentals 12
-Assault now customized for each race
-Assault no longer applies to casting unit
-Removed a few unused imports
-Devour, both racial and creep, no longer target suicidal or large organic units
-Feuermaim Fragment tooltip fixed
-Warrior added as a common mercenary
-New update format

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