You wake up in a strange house and you don't remember how you went there. I hope you will fear =)and please give feedback here!

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No story, and the monsters appear so predictable that there's no real tension. For a free mod to kill half an hour with, it's perfectly respectable, and it has one or two effective moments, but there's not much about it to make it stand out from the crowd.

This turned out to be another survive-and-escape story like most of what I see around here, but at least it was functionable and there were things to do despite having very little story to it. The monster encounters were too predictable and now I'm afraid to touch keys. In the end, there were too many monsters to keep it enjoyable, but at least it made for a funny video.

Pretty good, lottts of grunts to deal with which leads to pretty intense moments, really liked that. Pretty good design, but relatively short, not bad.


tl;dr: This mod is great in terms of scares, not so great in terms of level design.

+3 Scares are fantastic.

-2 Lightning is fair or terrible in most levels.
-1 Tables in the dining room should have been centered or had a reason for being orientated on only one side of the room.
-1 Tearing in the first map after the dining room.
-1 Second gatherer got stuck going around the room.

Still not done with the mod, I'm only at the Hub. I'll continue it later.

It's nice!


Humeba says

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That was amazing. It scared me from the get go. It didn't seem like the monsters would ever leave so I would be stuck in the closet or behind boxes for ages, lol.


This is epic

Personally, I thought Better Place was a good custom story. A little predictable at times, but a few of the jumpscares really got me. At a technical standpoint, I had no bugs or issues, and the level design was solid. I gave it an 8/10 overall because of its predictability, but honestly, i really enjoyed Better Place.

It's the basic "running through the maps". Not much of dumb jumpscares (just for the one teleporting naked guy which p*ssed me off). Missing original ideas. I'm not sure, but from what I've seen I'd say it's your first CS.



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