ATBLG - Aegon's Tweaks to BLG

Aegon's Tweaks to BLG - A Better Looking Garbs Sub-Mod for CK2

Introduction, Features and Acknowledgement

This mod is a subset of my personal tweaks to the famous Better Looking Garbs Mod by Nendur. Without his mod, this submod won't exist (And wouldn't work for that matter).

On request of CK2 Reddit community, I am releasing part of those personal changes to the public.

What this mod basically does is, it revamps the Celtic, Norse, Byzantine and Iberian portraits by using the base German/Frankish model for faces while retaining their garb, hair, and other physical features making them different from Vanilla portraits.


You need the following to run this sub-mod:

1. BLG mod

2. Norse portraits DLC (For Nordic Portraits)

3. Monks and Mystics DLC (Must have)

4. Mediterranean Portraits, The Republic, Holy Fury and Iberian Portrait Pack (For Italian and Spanish portraits)

5. Mediterranean Portraits, Early Eastern Clothing Pack, Late Byzantine Clothing Pack (For Byzantines)

If you don't want to change any of these portraits or you don't have one or more DLCs, simply delete the corresponding .gfx file from your download.

How to use

Navigate to your mod directory:

- Windows: `~\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\`

- Linux: `~/.paradoxinteractive/Crusader Kings II/mod/`

- Mac: `~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/`

And paste the "ATBLG" folder and "ATBLG.mod" file in your mod directory.


Theoretically it should run with every mod which BLG is compatible with.

Known bugs

1. Slightly Misaligned Pagan nordic beards. Won't be fixed. Actually it can't be fixed because of different asset types so don't ask. See Changelog 9/9/2018 for details.

Changelog - 02/01/2019

1. Updated the mod to be compatible with CK2 3.0.1 and BLG update 24-12-2018.

2. Italians, Late Iberians (Castilian, Basque, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque) now use Frankish base models instead of German ones.

3. Removed support for Celtic portraits because BLG's new portraits for Celts are perfect.

4. Early Iberians (Visigoths) still use German base models.

5. Mod renamed.

Changelog - 9/9/2018

1. Christian Nordic misaligned beard bug fixed

2. Pagan nordic misaligned beard bug....kinda fixed. The Nordic beard and german faces just don't go together due to being designed for different portraits. I have done the best I could to at least make it not that annoying. Please enjoy the expansion as a way of apology.

3. Fixed a bug that caused Pagan Nordic women lack the light blue eye colour that their Christian counterparts have.

4. Made the submod compatible with latest the BLG update 14-07-2018.

5. NEW Byzantine, Castillan, Visigothic, Portuguese, Catalan and Italian portraits. Nothing fancy, the same as usual. German faces while keeping everything else as it is.

6. Fixed the bug that Breton portraits were not loading up. Added the file.


You can contact me on Reddit /u/aegon-the-befuddled for bug reports and suggestions.

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Full Version 6 comments

v3.0 compatible with CK2 3.0.1 and BLG update 24-DEC-2018. Remember to delete the old mod files before installing this one. The mod has been renamed to...

BNAC v2 0

BNAC v2 0


v2.0, Bug fixes, Well some bug fixes at any rate and further expansion. The pre-requisites remain the same for Celtics and Nordics, the installation method...

BNAC - Better Norse and Celtic Portraits v1.0

BNAC - Better Norse and Celtic Portraits v1.0

Full Version 9 comments

This mod is a subset of my personal tweaks to the famous Better Looking Garbs Mod by Nendur. Without his mod, this submod won't exist (And wouldn't work...

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Just to correct myself here, I found problems with late game clothing in Greeks, the clothes are out of place.

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Don't know if you're still supporting this, but seems like BLG had some sort of update recently and now using this submod causes there to be no portraits. Removing your mod from the load order resolves the issue so I'm fairly certain this mod is the issue. Even if you're not, this was still a great mod. Thanks for your work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aeg0n94 Creator

Thank you for letting me know. I have been away from the game for the last few months so didn't notice. I will try and update this over the weekend. I am indeed supporting this until CK3 comes out.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This mod doesn't seem to be compatible with either 3.2.1 or BLG 3.2... None of the portraits this mod is supposed to alter are any different. Will there be an update soon?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
aeg0n94 Creator

I am running it on 3.2.1 so there is no issue with CK2 version at all. BLG 02-06-2019 update Changelog doesn't indicate it should have impacted at all. By the way are you the guy who contacted me on Reddit a week or so ago about all portraits turning to default Vanilla portraits? If yes, then I don't think I need to make further enquiries since we had an extensive discussion about that guy's problems there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great mod! Do you think you can do some tweaks for the Turkish, North Indian, and West African portraits?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aeg0n94 Creator

I have them in my own subset. Turks use Western Slavic male portraits, ugric hair and beards and their women use base portraits for Greek women from Portraits than Traits mod. North Indians and Persians use German base models but their own hair, beards and clothes. Can't release them however since

1. People will hate them for white-washing (Dunno what else I could do since PDX refuses to release good looking portraits for Brown people - And I absolutely refuse to play with the ugly portraits PDX released since that's not how Turks look)

2. They use assets from third party mods which I have not been authorised to use.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I understand. How do you cannibalize portraits from mods for your personal use? For example, I love BLG but I wish the North Indians and West/Central Africans looked like the ones from the two Portrait Compilation Mods(Persians with darker skin and North Indian clothes, and East Africans with West/Central African clothes respectively).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aeg0n94 Creator

You can actually do it yourself if you've a mind, it's very easy. Follow these steps:

1. Download Notepad++/Sublime Text whichever you prefer. They make text editing and scripting much easier.
2. Download Beyond Compare. It is a paid program but you get a 30 days trial which is more than enough for you to learn the ropes.
3. Open Beyond Compare. Select File comparison. On one side, put the portraits_byzantine_early.gfx file from BLG, on the other side, put the portraits_byzantine_early.gfx from my submod. Beyond Compare will highlight exactly what did I change in my files and you'll immediately understand the gist of it.
4. For more details, read the gfx files from base game, see how they are put together.

And now you're ready to create your custom portraits, in any way you prefer. For example if you want Indians to have German faces, open up German gfx file from BLG, see the different components names and replace the corresponding components in Indian gfx file. That's it.

For using files from other mods, you'll have to add them in your gfx folder, define them in sprites in your interface/gfx folder and that's pretty much it. For submod, you always have full access to all the files in your parent mod so you don't need to manually import the files, think how Inheritance works in programming if you have a programming background.

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