Sent on a mysterious mission to a frigid wasteland, questions begin to arise. What are you looking for? What will you find? What price will you have to pay to know the truth?

RSS Below the Ice is released!

After 20 months of work (and laziness) this mod for Source SDK Base 2013 is finally finished.

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I still can’t believe this day has come.

After 20 months of work, procrastination, terrible OCD, bad mistakes, and overall stupidity, this mod is finally complete. I’m done. This is the full release.

Below the Ice 1.0


  • A mysterious story to solve with several hidden secrets to find.
  • 3 endings, including a somewhat difficult violent ending.
  • Display your objective using TAB.
  • Ability to read pages of notes that you find.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has followed this mod and commented during its development, it certainly helped me to get it done during those tough parts.

Fan roomSpill

Is this mod perfect? Far from it. No doubt there will be people who don't like it. But it's the best I could do and I'm still impressed with what I did.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. :D

aussiebleuu - - 64 comments

I have yet to reach the end, although I would like to see some minor changes, such as music that plays throughout some sections during levels. The reason I suggest this is because the sound is what you'll be hearing throughout the game, not to mention ambiance. While it won't get rid of wandering around and solving puzzles for those who don't like it, I believe it would help to have good sound design and still give the player something to focus on aside from getting lost.

Anyway, I have to give you credit for putting your foot down and making progress on this. Sucks to have OCD AND be lazy. I know what that feels like - never been able to complete a mod for that. Great job! I hope you consider improving and hopefully even making another mod!

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InFiNiGhTe - - 87 comments

Can't believe that someone else than me actually values audio that much! :D

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thepizzaman - - 4 comments

I'm stuck on the first room in the first level when you go down a elevator and find a room with two buttons and a sealed door. I just press the two buttons and nothing happens and then I'm stuck.

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iceddeadmeat - - 417 comments

Yep me too!

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Theevina Author
Theevina - - 262 comments

I'm sorry that's not more obvious. You have to run to press both of them. It's a timed thing.

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thepizzaman - - 4 comments

thanks a lot been looking forward to play this mod.

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iceddeadmeat - - 417 comments

K thanks Theevina.

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JakeSully - - 57 comments

how are you supposto run and press both buttons when there is no sprint feature? i have pressed 1 and jumped quickly to other to press it still nothing then i re-did it with actuall speed also nothing there is no sprint button :/

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hobofrom - - 98 comments

****** mod design D:

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