Hearts of Iron IV is a good game for sure. But Paradox seems to have omitted the role of Belgium during the Second World War. so I decided to create a mod where "the flat country" would resume its strategic place in the most devastating conflict of the 20th century. So if you want to play a country that from the beginning has no great chance of surviving, but who has all the means to become a great actor of the Second World War ... This mod is for you.

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Welcome to the dev log for version 5.3 of the mod. This version will be compatible with version 1.10.x of the game

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Haut Page   Belgique 005

Update of February 21, 2021 started February 12, 2021

By country:

Soviet Union:
- change of some portraits
- addition of a specific event file
- Stalin's death is now simulated by an event (historical part only)
- the return of the tsar is now simulated by an event. With three possible choices!
- addition of three new political leaders
- addition of a new political coat of arms
- addition of a new unalligned political advisor

- change of some portraits
- addition of a specific event file
- Mussolini's death is now simulated by an event (historical part only)
- civil war and creation of the Italian social republic fixed
- democratic leaders fixed, addition of a leader and two sub ideologies.

- change of some portraits
- addition of a specific event file
- Indochinese insurgency simulated by event (requires "LaR" DLC)

United States:
- change of some portraits
- addition of a specific event file
- elections set until 1969

United Kingdom:
- addition of a new leader Clément Atlee (Labor Prime Minister in 1945)
- addition of a specific event file
- succession of prime ministers set to correspond to reality

- slight modification of the focus tree to prevent declaration of war (which Luxembourg cannot win)
- slight modification of the focus tree to give more troops (Better resist an invasion?)

- addition of a specific event file
- best portrait for Arthur Seyss Inquart
- best portrait for Karl Renner

- fixed missing icon
- fixed missing industry from the previous version, it had not been transferred.
- the specific ideas transferred to the bwm_compatibility_improvement file

- addition of a specific event file
- best portraits

- addition of a specific event file
- change of some portraits

- addition of a specific event file
- best portrait for Joseph Lyons

- addition of a specific event file
- change of some portraits

- modification of the focus tree for better development of military and industrial capabilities

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- addition of a specific event file

- change of some portraits

Kingdom of the two Sicilies:
- addition of political coats of arms

- addition of historical leaders with portraits
- PAL file added to the history / countries folder

-modification / addition of some political coats of arms

Reinforcement of inter-mod compatibility

modification of the bwm_on_action file (on_startup section):
- Mongolia and Tuva become puppet states through this
- Curaçao and Suriname become puppet states through this
- Charles Maurras: non-aligned leader for France through this
- Nikola Petkov: democratic leader for Bulgaria (vanilla) trained through this

added files:
- a file named bwm_compatibility_improvement in the common / ideas folder
- a file named bwm_on_actions_no_dlc in common / on_action folder
- a file named bwm_on_actions_commonwealth in common / on_action folder

files removed from mod:
- removal of the "SOV" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "HOL" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "FRA" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "BUL" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "GRE" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "CAN" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "AST" file from the history / countries folder
- removal of the "greece" file from the common / ideas folder

renamed files:
- file from bwm_world event folder renamed bwm_greece (content does not change)
- old event files renamed bwm_xxx (example: belgium becomes bwm_belgium) without change of content

unwanted effects of compatibility optimization:
- due to the use of "on_actions" files to replace files deleted from the "history / countries" folder
  some leaders at the loading of the menu "Choice of the country" are not those of the mod. 
  But don't worry, from the start of the game it is indeed the good ones (those of the mod).

Update of January 09, 2021
Korea: Addition of colorized portraits for the various leaders, corrected sub-ideology for the democratic leader (conservatism to liberalism).

Update of February 08, 2021
- The three Caucasian republics, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan receive colorized portraits for the leaders and also new leaders for the missing ideologies. Some leaders have been changed for more realism as well as some sub-ideologies (conservatism changed to socialism)

Update of February 07, 2021
political coats of arms:
- Fixed some that were not appearing correctly.
- Replacement of some with better ones.

- Armistice and Conditional Peace now have their own category. Before, these decisions were included in political decisions.
- Reformation of Burgundy, now the required French states appear correctly.

Update of February 04, 2021
Austria: Added better portraits for leaders
Belgium: Some fixes in the Belgian focus tree.
Miscellaneous: Replacement of some political coats of arms for simplified and better quality versions.

Update of January 31, 2021:
Soviet Union:
- The USSR receives Mongolia and Tuva as satellite countries, which historically is close to the political situation of these two countries at the beginning of 1936.

- If you decide to play with the game rule: division of the soviet union, Molotov becomes the leader of Russia and all the liberated countries as well as Mongolia and Tuva become satellites of the Russian motherland.

Update of January 30, 2021

Belarus and Ukraine: added colorized portraits for political leaders.

Miscellaneous: Modification of certain portraits of political leaders for better quality.

Update of January 28, 2019

Some portraits of political leaders have been changed for better quality.
Some slight modifications in the code (more fluid execution, I hope)

Update January 27, 2021

Technology tree:
The industrial research tree has been extended.
Only the petroleum, rubber and silo branches remained identical to the basic set.
So far I haven't added any specific icons (the icons from the last base level are used for the new ones.)

Updated January 23, 2021
- Portraits for political leaders
- Scenarios 1936 and 1939 supported
- CAT file added to mod in history / country folder

Updated January 22, 2021
- Some small adjustments to the Belgian focus tree
- Three new military advisers (high command)

This is the end of a rather busy week, this weekend I will think about new content and adjustments. And from Monday, I go back to work.

Updated January 20, 2021

West and East Germany:
- addition of political leaders
- addition of political party names and coats of arms

- remake the kingdom of Burgundy is now available for the Netherlands.

- modifications of certain coats of arms

See you soon for new developments.

Update January 18, 2021

- New flags for some cosmetic tags
- generals and marshals: more historical reassignment, a new general and a new marshal.

- addition of the OCC file in the history folder
- addition of historically plausible political leaders
- addition of political parties in the Occitan language
- political coats of arms

-modification of some political coats of arms

See you soon for a new point of development

Updated January 17.
United Kingdom:
- added political leaders for Scotland, Wales and Ulster. Addition of historical political parties for each of these countries and the corresponding political coats of arms.

Ireland and Spain:
- modification of certain coats of arms.

- new icon for the idea "Société générale de Belgique"

See you soon for a new update.

Updated January 9, 2021

Hello everyone and best wishes for this new year.
After a few weeks of absence here is a development report on the next update.
Main change, a revised focus tree for Belgium, with some changes in payouts and penalties.
Added focus search filters.
The ideas and their effects have been partially reviewed.
Some new focuses have been added.
New icons for focus.
Some decisions have been changed or added.
Corrections / additions to some political crests and some were fixed.
New loading screens.
New portraits.
New descriptions for some political leaders.
Corrections of some events.


Update December 4:

Two days after the last available version, here are some new features under development:
- The addition of political coats of arms for countries which did not benefit from them until now. For some countries it is very difficult to find them.
- In the process of coding (in sandbox mode, ie in the form of a development sub-mod): new events which should add historical content.
For example: the occupation of the Korean peninsula by the USA and the USSR or even certain revolts such as the communist insurrection in French Indochina.
- Under consideration: some improvements in the technological trees.
- And the next country that should benefit from special attention: Argentina. I have already gathered a lot of information including political leaders and historical events. Colorized portraits are already made for politicians. The companies and designers have already been chosen (some are anachronistic). and of course a focus tree is already being produced on paper.

The next mod update is scheduled for Christmas Day or the next day.
This will be version and will be a minor update. It will certainly contain new political coats of arms, corrections and small additions. I had planned a major update, but I won't have time to code and test everything.

See you next Friday for another development update.

Updated November 27, 2020

Latest fixes and updates:
1) Belgium:
Belgian bicycle units appear correctly.The bicycle units had been poorly programmed for a few versions. I hadn't realized. I never use these units.
Added a new political advisor for Belgium: Jane brigode with trait womens_rights_activist
Added two decisions to ally with Democratic representatives (if non-democratic government) and ally with non-aligned representatives
Now has armored car technology from the start (requires "La Resistance")
GFX: change of some icons for designers. In a style closer to that of the "vanilla" game.

2) Turkey:
The political coat of arms no longer changes when Ataturk dies
Added new sub ideology for turkey when sultan is ruling + coast of arms + event to change (requires "Battle for Bosphorus")

3) Greece:
Added a new portrait for Emmanouil Tsouderos

4) General changes in the mod code:
Uptadated for 1.10.2 "Collie"/Compatible with 1.10.3 "Collie"

5) Bug-fixe:
Game bug: missing icon Bulgarian focus tree an re-add italian texture for land leader 4

6) Political coats of arms:
Graphics improvements for better integration into the game.
Some have been modified to be more in line with historical reality.

7) History:
Serbia has been added to the mod files.
It receives political coats of arms, political leaders with colorized portraits.
Note that some leaders are dystopian after 1945. Indeed, it was very difficult to find leaders who would have survived until this year.

Updated October 30, 2020

Update progress report.
- unit files: fixed
- loading of the Greek focus tree contained in the mod depending on the presence of the DLC "Battle for the Bosphorus": fixed
- history / country files: corrected (partially)
- sub-ideologies: fixed
- events: partially corrected requires more testing
- map, regions, states: corrected
- technologies: fixed
- 1936/1939 scenarios: corrected
- Belgian, Congolese and Greek focus trees: corrected
- formable nation decisions: corrected

Every Friday will now be Development Day

Updated October 23, 2020

Good evening everyone (it is 11pm in Belgium). I should release the update for versions 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 within 4 to 5 days.
Why an older version of the game?
Firstly, because a lot of players don't use a legal version of the game.
Second, because I worked on this update before the announcement of the new DLC and its patch 1.10.
Finally, it was easier for me to finish this part of the job without having to tackle a major update at the same time.

Content of the update:
- A Greek focus tree
- New flags for Greece
- Many Greek national spirits
- Many Greek generals with colorized portraits
- A more classic country selection menu where Belgium appears in minor countries
- New flags for Byzantium
- Many events for Greece
- Fixed some files that were not updated for the "Lar" DLC
- Changes / improvements / additions of political coat of arms
- Changes / improvements to portraits of political leaders
- New logo for the mod
- New logo for the development group
- New loading screens
- Addition of a section specific to the mod in the "rules" menu
- A few other little things ....

I still have to finish the German and Spanish translations and then it will be finished.

Updated October 16, 2020

Good morning all. I'm back to take stock.
The new game update and the new DLC have taken a toll on my plans. But I am not giving up. So there will be two updates to the mod. A first in a few days intended for version 1.9.1 to 1.9.3 of the game. And a second in a few weeks for version 1.10 and the new DLC

The first update for 1.9.1 to 1.9.3:
1) Will fix some missing items.
2) Will fix certain political coats of arms
3) Add a full focus tree for Greece, lots of generals, lots of new ideas, lots of new events.
4) Will add visual content and some new stuff.
5) And modify some files of the mod for consistency.

The second update will take all this and even more content with of course an option to activate or deactivate content related to Greece if you have the new DLC and will update all the files of the mod that would not be compatible with the version 1.10 of the game.

It is important to understand that I am taking the time to make this mod. I don't have as much time as before and therefore the updates are fewer but still with more content. I will no longer update the mod for previous versions of the game after completing the first update.

See you soon.

Updated: August 31, 2020

Hello everyone.
Here I am again to take stock of the future.
First of all, I would like to thank all the players who have been following me for almost 3 years.

I worked hard on this mod, which mainly focused on Belgium. But with time and experience, I decided to breathe new life into the mod. Therefore, the mod will receive content.
First, I will add focus trees for many countries. I will also complete the work already done in the previous version. More party badges, more political leaders, more colorized portraits. I will also add many ideas, national spirits (generic).

Where is the development at?
- Well for the moment I'm working on Greece. The focus tree is already well advanced, some new ideas implemented, coded events ...

What other countries will be affected?
- After Greece, I will turn to Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania. Other countries will come, but it seems to me that working on geographically linked countries is the best thing to do.

Will there be specific content, built-in mods or other things?
- I work alone on this mod. Which naturally lengthens the deadlines. Research, coding, graphic additions and other specifics take many hours. I will do my best to provide as clean and complete content as possible.

How can you help me?
- One thing would be welcome. If some people have focus tree projects but have abandoned them, they can always suggest them to me. Be careful, I don't want people to criticize me for stealing or copying someone else's work. Any donor whose work is partially or totally taken over will be cited as a contributor. Any other content is also welcome.

In the end what is the goal?
- I would like to create a mod in the style of Road to 56. But without this one being a patchwork of mods. I just wish my mod was self-sufficient.

Ok, but when is version 6 coming out?
- As I said above, I code alone. So not for a while. I hope to release the update for December. Maybe intermediate versions will be released in the meantime.

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