Are you bored of playing the same generic vanilla mods over and over again? Are you tired of hearing the same "Mein Leben!" after each kill? Are you fed up with seeing the same grey stone textures that you have seen over the years in most mods? If your answer to these questions was yes, then what the hell are you doing here? Get out already! Now to the rest of you who stayed here and are still interested, welcome to "Being John Blazkowicz"!

So what is "Being John Blazkowicz"?
This is a brand new SDL mod for Wolfenstein 3D with 30 levels to play through, 4 of which are secret levels. It maintains the vanilla feel while still having some new features such as:
- increased ammo limit
- a new deadly boss (Cyborg Soldat) replacing dr. Schabbs
- custom soundtracks composed by me (new ones and old ones that have been used in previous mods of mine)
- new textures to go along with the original ones
- pick up messages

Why is it "Being John Blazkowicz"?
There's no real story to this mod, it's just another generic Wolf3D map set. It doesn't pretend to be anything else. The title is just a silly reference but it's explained more in the in-game manual.

If you decide to try this for yourself, make sure to read the included "credits" text file to see all the people who helped me in one way or another in making this mod become a reality.

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This is "Being John Blazkowicz" a.k.a. "Wolfenstein 3D but it's another generic map set".

If you enjoy playing the same vanilla-like mods over and over again, then don't go any further. Stop right here, take a look at these pics, and then decide if you are willing to sacrifice your sanity to give this mod a try.


Plenty of enemies are waiting for you to poke your head out of the corners.


There is plenty of ammunition to deal with them too.


Sometimes these enemies are just not enough to take you out.


Sometimes having plenty of ammo doesn't mean they can't take you out.

Well... is this mod what you are looking for? If so, then don't keep those nazis waiting.

Being John Blazkowicz v1.1

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Being John Blazkowicz v1.1

Being John Blazkowicz v1.1

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"Being John Blazkowicz" is a brand new and mostly vanilla SDL mod for Wolfenstein 3D with 30 levels (4 of which are secret levels) to play through with...


Good stuff. I really like the new pistol sound.

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