A zombie virus spreads out across the country and you must survive. This mod is inspired by a gamemode from Timesplitters 2 and Left 4 Dead, with a little bit of CoD:Zombies thrown in. Made by Large Hard

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Dude27th says

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It just looks like a mess of different style of assets in an overused type of mod.


Joshua_Script says

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ZacCOxTv says

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skdursh says

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Everything this dude puts out is super low quality garbage and every time they are told to put more effort into their work, but then every time they release more garbage.

Imagine my shock and surprise that the dev and their alt account "disagree" with this review. All you need to do is take 30 seconds to look through all their releases and time after time you'll see the same thing. Incredibly bland, featureless environments, countless errors, weapons ripped from elsewhere and poorly incorporated, some sort of "gimmick" that doesn't add anything and often doesn't work properly anyway, the laziest design you have probably ever seen in a Doom wad packed full with a disk size that would make you think it on the level of something like Blade of Agony but really what you're getting is WOW.wad (true Doomsters will get what this one means, for the rest of you WOW.wad is a notoriously **** wad often referenced as a joke) and the fact that they release this same crap again and again and again. I wouldn't be rating this a 1 if it wasn't complete garbage. I wouldn't be rating this period if it weren't for the fact that they keep on releasing lazy trash and try to pass it off as if it were some sort of quality project that they put *any* amount of effort into. Lazy devs are annoying. Lazy devs who continually churn out the same low-quality piles of excrement again and again and try to hype it as if it's some sort of revolutionary release should be banned from moddb until they learn that it takes more than 4 walls and 5 minutes to make something worth playing.

P.S. - Everyone can see through those BS 10 scores. We all know you just use your alt-accounts to boost the rating of your trash "mods". All it takes is 10 seconds to look over either profile to see that they are fake.


pouljo says

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