BBLE - Conversion Mod add various stadiums and rosters to the game, with their own visuals.

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Technical Technical

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Undead like Undead like

Lahmian Vampire (RD-00 7 years ago)

Necrarch Vampire

Strigoi Vampire

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Greenskin like Greenskin like

Hobgoblin (RD-00 7 years ago)

Forest Goblin

Night Goblin

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Chaos like Chaos like

Beastman (RD-00 7 years ago)

Chaos Pact


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Human like Human like

Sigmarite (RD-00 7 years ago)



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Elf like Elf like

Pygmae (RD-00 7 years ago)

Yum Halfling

Half Elf

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Dwarf like Dwarf like

[BBCR] Chaos Dwarf (RD-00 7 years ago)

Karak-Drak Dwarf

Zhufbar Dwarf

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Skaven like Skaven like

Skryre Skaven (RD-00 7 years ago)

Eshin Skaven

Moulder Skaven

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Other Other

Huanchi Lizardman (RD-00 7 years ago)

[LRB6] Slann

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