Welcome fans of BFME and LOTR
On this page i will introduce you with my mod for Rise of the Witch-King, on which i worked on for the past 2 years
Before playing this mod, be sure that you have patched the game with 2.01 version
The Battles of the Third Age (BOTTA) mod is a mod for The Battle for Middle Earth - The Rise of the Witch King.
This mod tends to follow the lore of books and films along with bringing the realism in the gameplay, and generally concentrates of the happenings in the Third age of Middle Earth, so you will see almost every character that fought in the battles of this age, for example: Bolg, Beorn, Imrahil, Shagrat etc.
Lots of the balance from the vanilla games is fixed so be free to expect some new gameplay styles and new strategies and tactics that you will use in order to destroy your enemy.To do that, you will get help from the new Heroes and Units and their new Powers that are in this mod.
No rush tactics anymore, AI wont charge on you in the first 5 minutes, giving you no time to expand your camp and upgrade your economy. Gameplay now focuses on defense, rather than offense like in the vanilla game. So you will have a lot of time for preparing for battle, upgrading your units and level up your Heroes.

General changes:
- Stronger Heroes
- Stronger Structures
- New Game balance
- New Heroes, Units, Buildings and Powers
- New and improved Textures for every single Hero or Unit in the game
- Smaller battalions
- New Upgrades
- New Siege system
- New Upgrade systems
- New sounds and effects


- War of the Ring mode is buggy

Stay tuned for more news and screenshots

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After very, very, very long time, i finally find the time and strength to post some news considering the development of BotTA Mod. I know i was absent for quite a long time, but that doesnt mean i stopped working on the new version. This is still unfinished version but i decided to release it in the next few days.
This Alpha version is much improved game from the last Beta version in all aspects, but there is still work to be done. But after some convincing from my friends and fans, i decided to release it nonetheless.
So this is what you can expect from the new version:

1. Some new models for Heroes, Units and Buildings

lor ward

lor inf

2. New and reworked abilities for some Heroes

3. New maps from 2.02 patch - thanks to Excelsior from Gamereplays.org

4. Added Good and Evil Campaign from BFME II - thanks to Anfauglith

5. Smarter and harder AI

6. Each faction gets at least one new Hero, Unit or Building

7. Each faction has new Secondary Economy Building which provides various bonuses

1 2

3 1

8. Tons of various bugs and errors fixed

Known Bugs:

1. Second mission for Evil campaign doesnt work

2. Thranduil in WOTR mode doesnt work properly

3. Galadriel in WOTR doesnt work properly

4. Game sometimes freezes when ''Light of the Golden Wood'' and ''Chilling Blizzard'' are activated

Most of the time i spent on fixing bugs and reworking some gameplay aspects for every faction, so i didnt had the time to make some new faction, like Mirkwood, which is eagerly expected, but that will be left for some later update.

I know that this article seems like there isnt much, but believe me, i spent much of the free time (which i havent had much) to fix countless bugs which made a game a little unbalanced, rather than implementing new stuff.

I hope you guys can understand the time and effort i spent on this and i hope you will be satisfied from what i achieved in this long absence :)

Stay tuned for the release of Alpha version

BotTA Mod Installation - Step by Step

BotTA Mod Installation - Step by Step

Starting a mod Tutorial 30 comments

Step by step installation of the whole version and patch/bugfix

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

Installers Tutorial 23 comments

Video Tutorial for installing BOTTA Mod and play it along with Edain with no problems

Mordor Faction Update

Mordor Faction Update

News 41 comments

Hello guys, it's been a long time since i posted some news, but finally i found some spare time to share with you some rework of my favourite faction.

Gundabad Faction Update

Gundabad Faction Update

News 30 comments

This update will is about one of the two sub factions for the Misty Mountains, Gundabad.

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Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Alpha version

Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Alpha version

Full Version 41 comments

This is the Alpha version of BOTTA Mod. Contains all required files.

Installation Guides   Step by Step

Installation Guides Step by Step

Tutorials 21 comments

NOTE: Before installing, make sure you patched your "Rise of the Witch-King" with 2.01 patch!!! Here you can download an Installation guides to help you...

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muy buenas en primer lugar
su mod me encanto
tiene mucha variedad de unidades y eso es bueno
al igual que sus mecanicas complejas
(aunque aqui radica el problema un poco
por ejemplo en mapas donde un juegue en fortalezas(abismo de helms o minas tirith) no podra sacar unidades de elite a menos que tenga una fortaleza el caso de isengard por ejemplo
ademas estas mecanicas hacen que la IA no las pueda entender)

segundo lugar en un video vi a agandaur el cual no lo he visto en angmar
al igual que legolas
espero sigan sacando mas facciones y unidades
y en si que entre muchos modders de esdla se apoyen en ves de pelear(sean como los mods de warhammer 40000 los cuales se hacen compatibles unos con otros )

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Dude, in English please!

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Hello guys! i´m Morgoth! So, I've tried countless times installing BOTTA mod, I've always followed all the steps and never got it; Until I read some comments here and do some different things. But now it's time to share with you how I managed to:

 First step: you need to install the 2.01 patch for bfme rotwk

 Step two: you need to install BOTTA mod

 Step 3: Follow all the BOTTA Mod extraction procedures, but you should extract the BOTTA MOD into the local disk (C :) of your computer.

 Fourth step: after extracting the BOTTA mod to the local disk (C :) of your computer, you should go to the BOTTA mod folder in the local disk (C :), open it and in the folder you will find the BOTTA mod icon a ring lying down) to make it easier you should copy this icon to your desktop and also copy the icon of lotr bfme rotwk next to BOTTA Mod icon!

Step Five: You should right-click on the lotr bfme rotwk icon and search for properties. It's the last option! when you click, it will open a window! You should also do this with the BOTTA mod icon.

Sixth step: Having the two windows open, you will see that in the rotwk window you will have ---- Target: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king\lotrbfme2ep1.exe "and in the BOTTA mod window you will find the same one, but in the end there will be ( -mod C:\BOTTA) notice that there is a small space between the kinship and the -mod C: \ ... it is fundamental that you were picking this space!after you have noticed, you should copy ( -mod C: \ BOTTA) from the BOTTA mod target and paste at the end of the rotwk target, like this: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king\lotrbfme2ep1.exe " -mod C:\BOTTA after that you click the ok button in both the rotwk and BOTTA mod, and finally you will get to play the BOTTA mod.

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Hi, when I follow all installation steps exactly it just launches regular rotwk. I have attempted many times using different mirrors and everyhting and followed multiple guides but it still doesnt work. Any help would be much appreciated.

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There seem to be still a failure in the Botta shortcut. The most common mistake is, that the space between the rotwk game's exe and the "-mod C:/Botta" in the target box is missing. I also remember there could be problems if Botta is not installed directly in the first level of the C:/ drive.

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now is working... very cool mod
the error it was because i had patch 2.2
not compatible, so i down patch 2.01
and work.... thanks

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Nothing to thank for, you are welcome nonetheless! =)

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The builders in Gondor faction can't build Fortress...,why?
The Fortress have 15 000 health,but still :DDD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Fortresses were substituted by outposts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

There is no Outpost either.

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It is hidden. Have a look on the builder's Palantir on the bottom left. There you can switch between two Command sets, I and II.

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one of the best mod ever !

Apr 10 2013 by KingDain

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