Readme File:
BattleReady v2.0 by Trojanman190
Now updated by Dafama


v2.0 - Latest update by Dafama2k7. (19-1-2009)
- Added new shaders based on BHNG, this are on a separate .pk4 file and aren't required by the mod.
- Enhanced all weapons.
- Bettered a little the A.I. for all monsters.
- Fixed bugs.

v1.6 - First Update by Dafama2k7. (13-4-2008)
- FX updated and optimized.
- Improved specially plasma weapons like BFG and PGUN.
- Fixed bugs.

v1.0 - First release by Trojanman190. (13-9-2004)
- A lot of features, more in depth description below...


1. NEW GUI! A realistic remix of the original doom hud.
2. NEW Chainsaw decal.
3. NO gibbing at all.
4. Monsters stay MUCH longer.
5. Much harder gaming experience.
6. Stronger monsters that deal more damage.
7. >>>New particle effects for most weapons.
-Shotgun and Chaingun [now AutoCannon] smoke after use.
-wounds inflicted by AutoCannon smoke for about 2 minutes.
-BFG explosion looks effin amazing! Seems to rip apart time and space...
-heavily modified sparks from the no fear mod. [to resolve performance issues]
-heavily enhanced blood and gore particles!
8. Enhanced lighting effects for weapons and monsters.
9. Various weapon changes [shotgun reload fixed][see below]
-chaingun is now the AutoCannon [see below]
10. Blood decals stay permanently.
11. Bullet casings stay around 5 minutes.
12. Custom made bullet wound decals.
-5 different sets for user preference.
-lighter, smaller, cleaner wounds. [Fairly realistic]
-BattleReady's standard wound set. [Somewhat unrealistic]
-Brighter, bigger, bloodier wounds! [Totally unrealistic]
-NEW! small, realistic wounds. [Most realistic, requested by community]
-NEW! High resolution versions of the realistic wounds. [test purposes only, they dont look different]
Guns now leave marks representative of their calibre.
13. Reworked zombies.
-much stronger [they dont care if they get shot in the liver, they dont use it!]
-headshots bring them down. [The reworked zombies REALLY add to the game but don't make it at all unbalanced]

14. Player max health and armor levels raised.
15. Modular. Seperate pk4s for:
1 - NEW! Menu Music [Hatheg Kla by Bal-Sagoth]
5 - Blood and gore.
1 - Enhanced weapon sounds [from DoomeR]
1 - Realistic HUD



If your machine blows up, its your fault.
[Your machine will not blow up, its just a disclaimer]

I thought the original difficulty below nightmare was pie.



Trent Reznor's sound pack - It adds A LOT to the game experience.
Ultra-Extreme-Quality-MOD - VERY IMPORTANT. This SHOULD have been in the game!

==============BattleReady v1.5 Installation====================================


1. Created a folder on your desktop called "BattleReady v1.5"
2. Unzip the contents of the .zip file to this folder.
3. Choose the _"Wounds.pk4" file that you want to use and delete the rest.
4. Choose if you want to use the new HUD. If you dont, then delete the RealGui.pk4 file.
5. Choose if you want to use the new menu music. If you dont, then delete BRMenuMusic.pk4.
6. Choose if you want to use the DoomeR weapon sounds. If you dont, then delete EWeapSounds.pk4
7. Copy the BattleReady v1.5 folder on your desktop to your doom3 directory.
8. Load doom3 and select BattleReady v1.5 from the list.
It is recommended that you start a new game.
BattleReady v1.4 covers other installation methods.

==============BattleReady v1.4 Installation, Just for reference.================

Its probably a good idea to uninstall pervious versions of this mod
before you use this one. If you want to keep your save games, you have to go
into the old versions mod folder and copy the saved game folder before you delete
the mod folder. After you install the new mod, pop the saved games folder in there.
Simply delete the pk4 from the previous version and replace it with the new version.
Since this is a new version of the mod you will have to restart whatever level you were on. Im not sure why Doom3 does this but it does.

Versions 1.4 and later have the blood decals seperate from the main BattleReady pk4.
This is to give users some options on the amount of blood they see on a fallen enemy
in the form of decals. In order for BattleReady to work you must choose one of the
three files and place it in the BattleReady folder along with BattleReady.pk4. The files specify the kind of blood decals you will see in game. The names are pretty self explanatory [LightWounds, NormWounds, HeavyWounds] but a detailed description is below.

Summary Installation

--First time BattleReady users--

1. Unzip to your DOOM3 directory.
2. Choose the '_Wounds.pk4' that you would like and delete the other two.
3. Delete BRMenuMusic.pk4 if you dont want new menu music.
4. Delete EWeapSounds.pk4 if you dont want DoomeR weapon sounds.
5. Start DOOM3.
6. Select 'BattleReady v1.4' from the mods list.
7. Enjoy.

--Upgrade from BattleReady v1.3--

1. Unzip to your DOOM3 directory.
2. Go to your previous BattleReady folder.
3. Copy all files except the previous BattleReady.pk4 and previous BattleReady readme.
4. Paste copied files into the BattleReady v1.4 folder.
5. Follow steps 2 - 4 from First time BattleReady users.
6. Delete previous BattleReady folder.
7. Start DOOM3.
8. Enjoy.

Installation tip!

-If you are a few levels into the game, using another mod, and you dont want to start over with BattleReady then you can follow the Upgrade directions. In step 2. go to the folder of the mod that you have been using. In step 3. Copy all of the files there except for that mod's pk4 file and that mod's readme file. Then continue with the upgrade directions.

**WARNING** this does not always work. BattleReady may be too different from your previous mod to work with your saved games properly. Also, if it does work, you will most likely have to restart the level.

>>>>It is heavily recommended that you start a new game when installing BattleReady, especially v1.3 or v1.4. Gameplay changed massively in the previous two versions [fear the zombies!].

What it does:

Weapons changes. ----------------------------------------------------------

1. Fists - A lot weaker. No more taking out imps with your fists.
The original damage for the fists was 2 to 3 times more powerful
than the pistol. I thought this was kinda funky and made the fists
very weak. The power up should still work.

2. Pistol - Shoots slower, larger clip. I remodled it after it was obviously
the super zombie killer in version 1.3. It is still good to use when faced
with only one at a time but when its two or three you need bigger guns...

3. Shotgun - Shoots slower, reloads slower, but is more powerful.
The clip size has been reduced to maintain balance.
I did this by narrowing the pellet spread and upping the number of
pellets by about 30%. It should be pretty badass now. In the future,
I may change this weapon and give it a slug and make the bullet wound
simply massive. --RevNote-- In BRv1.1, you could kill a hell knight
in 3 shots. I toned this town because that was dumb. Shotgun is
still very powerful, just not as unbalanced.

4. Machine gun - In the first version of this mod I made it so the machine
gun had a firing rate of 22 rounds per second. That was much and was
was very insane but did not fit well into my future plans for this mod.
See the chain gun to find out why. Basically, in this verison of BR,
the machine gun is pretty close to its default version. It still shoots
a bit faster and it now has a 50 round clip. [60 seemed to high, 40 seemed
to low]

5. AutoCannon [exChaingun] - Since the machinegun and plasma gun take over the rapid fire weapons slots, i felt that the chaingun was kinda useless [plasma or chaingun... plasma!]
It is now a totally different weapon that adds a new level to the game play. It is very innacurate, has a very slow rate of fire [not as slow as shotgun], has a clip of 15 rounds, and does insane damage. Of the none explosive weapons in the the mod, it is the most powerful.
It can kill zsecs in 1 clean hit... The shell casings it drops on the floor are basically shotgun shells [i tried to make them bigger but it didnt work]. The wounds this weapon inflicts will smoke for a bit making for some really cool effects. The AutoCannon smokes after it is used. Also, since this weapon is extremely powerful and fires super high velocity rounds, it distorts space and time around it. In other words, there is a very cool heat ripple around the muzzle flash =). This weapon may sound like a powerhouse but believe me...
it is still balanced. You can kill a zsec in one hit... it just may take three shots to score that hit. Also, ammo comes in packs of 15... in others words... you have to use this babywisely. Max ammo is 105. >>>This gun NEEDS a new sound and I didnt have one at the time of this release. If you think you have a badass sound fitting for a really big automatic cannon... PLEASE send it to me!!!!<<<

6. Grenades - No changes.

7. Plasma gun - Better Damage. A slight spread on the plasma shots now.
Fires faster and the plasma moves faster. [You should barely be able to notice
the speed differences if at all.]
Also, the weapon should glow a bit more bit.

8. Rocket Launcher - Just a bit more powerful. Fires a little bit slower.

9. Soul Cube - No changes.

10. BFG - A lot more powerful. Looking at the stats it had... it seemed very pathetic.
The ball of energy now moves much slower which makes it a bit harder to use, but
makes the weapon a lot more menacing in the long run. It has a monstrous lighting effect. It also has an INSANE explosion. Just makes you wana use this mutha that much more.

11. Flashlight - Slightly wider beam. Also, it is a lot weaker
[Down to 10 damage from 40, 40 is NUTS for a flashlight!]

Monsters. ----------------------------------------------------------

1. Cacodemon - Slower and tougher. It's plasma shot is also a lot slower, but
does a lot more damage. [I miss the original cacodemons... *sniff*]

2. Revenant - Slightly stronger. Missiles do more damage.

3. Hell Knight - MUCH stronger. Does MUCH more damage. Dont get to close,
his close range attacks are VERY strong now.

4. Mancubus - Stronger, more damage.

5. Imp - Better damage. Slowerfireballs. Faster attacks. Reconfigured particles.

6. Gun wielding zombies - Dish out more damage.

7. Monsters take MUCH longer to burn away. [5 minutes][Monsters MUST be able to burn away.
Without spoiling to much, there is a part of the game that you cannot beat if a monster falls on certain tracks and does not burn away properly. You would have to restart the level and hope that you dont accidentally kill that monster in the same place. With the 5 minutes burn, you can just wait for a bit and resume playing.]

8. Lowerclass zombies are INSANELY tough. However, shots to the head will bring them down very quickly.
I noticed that a lot of people like the thought of zombies dying and then getting back up unless you shoot them in the head or gib them. Since gibs look terrible and I was unhappy with the ressurecting zombie idea, i decided to take the best of both worlds. Headshots are the best way to kill them.
They stay down when dead. Veeeery simple. =)

9. Generally, all monsters except swarm monsters have been made tuffer and deal more damage.


1. All ammunition pick ups have been changed to reflect the changes done to the
weapons. Basically, that means more ammo to go around.

2. The lighting effects for weapons and monster plasma has been increased. I would
have loved to have upped the lighting for a perfectly realistic and well lit
fire fight but during testing I got complaints that things got very choppy. THis
is also why the chaingun is not as 'insanely' fast as you may have been expecting.
The game just cant take certain things. I have created a working 'true' chaingun
that shoots so fast that your target is coated in a wall of smoke but it is not
at all practicle. Many of the lighting effects had to be removed to get it to work and if your enemy is shooting back [thus causing lighting effects from your enemy] you video card may possibly explode.

3. Bullet casings will stay on the ground for a long time, pretty cool effect indeed.
The same goes for the debris from explosions.

4. New particle effects on all weapons. Bullets spark as they hit the wall. [Special thanx to the NOFEAR mod.][These effects have been HEAVILY modified to solve performance issues the NOFEAR mod was a great start tho] Again, all lighting effects have been boosted.

5. Health and armor go up to 200. [You will need it!!!]

Blood and Gore.----------------------------------------------------------

Enhanced blood particle effects. Enemies will bleed for a bit after they die.
Generally, the effect looks outstanding, but... ive been shotdown int he past...

Gibbing is gone. I havent been able to figure out how to make the gibs stay
so I removed it alltogether.

Blood stays permanently.

Also, i noticed that the plasmagun did not leave a wound decal and that if it was to leave one, there is no decal in the game suitable for a 'plasma burn.' So i used the knowledge I gained from editing Tropezator's decal and made my own plasmaburn decal. My only question is, where the hell do I store the normal map file and how do i link to it? i searchd for ages but never found out how to do it. My personal thought, ID did not put bump mapping into bullet wound decals. Thats probably why the ones in farcry own so much compared to Doom3. Im probably gona attempt to add bump mapping to the wounds in later releases.

There are now new decals for the machine gun, chaingun, shotgun, and pistol.
Because of responses form the community, I have included three versions of the custom bullet wounds.
1. LightWounds.pk4 - A group consisting of smaller and cleaner wounds. These wound decals
are not as bloody as the standard decals. They offer very little blood spatter around the bullet hole have no 'sunray' effect for the blood. This wound pack is for those who dont want to much blood [are you crazy?] or want a more realistic feel to the violence.
2. NormWounds.pk4 - The standard wound decal pack for BattleReady. I recommend this version as it is a balance between carnage and realism. Machine gun and chain gun decals have a moderate 'sunray' effect for the blood eminating from the bullet hole. Blood spatter is moderate and balanced as well as color. I recieved a complaint that the machine gun and chain gun wound decals looked more like exit wounds, which is probably true. However, they add a lot to the game by making it look as if the wound source has bled out for a little while. Not completely realiztic, but great looking in the long run.
3. HeavyWounds.pk4 - The 'UltraGore' decal equivalent. Pretty unrealistic. Blood is brighter, 'sunray' effect is more numberous and extreme, and blood spatter is everywhere. If you want TONS of gore on your oponent and dont give a crap about realism, use this pk4.
This is my personal favorite >:)
4. RealWounds.pk4 - This is the official 'realistic' version as requested by the doom3 community.
I looked at plenty of real gunshot wounds for inspiration so these are pretty real... Some
are slightly modified from actual photos...
5. HighResWounds.pk4 - This is exactly the same as RealWounds except that the resolution is insanely high. I included these to show people that its all doom3 when it comes to blurry up close textures.

HUD. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

I play doom3 with no HUD. Its just a hell of a lot scareier with no crosshair and no readouts to stare at.
However, it was a pain to have to turn the hud back on to see how beat up I was. So, with some inspiration, I made a new HUD.

The new HUD:
1. NO crosshair. Adds tremendously to the atmosphere.
2. NO readouts. You are gona have to guess about your ammo unless its on a gui on a weapon.
3. Marine's moving, looking, curious head is all you have to gauge your health.
If you get beat up, he will get bloodier. In real life, you dont have numbers to tell you how hurt you are. You have how you feel. How messed up you are. Obviously I cannot inflict pain on a user [nuts!] but this is pretty close. In the future, I hope to tie in continuous pain sounds for that added atmosphere effect.

Sounds. -------------------------------------------------------------------

The opening menu music is Hatheg Kla by the mighty Bal-Sagoth.
Bal-Sagoth is a Black / Power / Symphonic Metal band from england.
The song is totally symphonic and fits perfectly with the doom3 atmosphere.
If you are interested in more Bal-Sagoth, you can find them on

Right now I am using the sounds that Tropezator shipped with his release of doomer.
[Tropezator, if you have any problems with that then please let me know. Props for the great sounds.]

I recommend the Trent Rexnor sound pack, it adds a lot ot the game.

Final Thoughts.-----------------------------------------------------------

Modularity idea came to me when people complained that my new decals were 'unrealistic' and BattleReady's score dropped down on d3files beacause of it. I, personally, love using my custom decals but I understand if other people dont. So that is why I have three sets of decals to choose from in BattleReady v1.4. I may expand this and put in even more sets if people request to see certain things. From this experience with the decals, I realized that not everyone likes the E1M3 remix music that I used as a default menu music, so I made that pk4 and option as well. Also, the custom weapon sounds from DoomeR were a no brainer to make a seperate pk4. Not everyone is going to like the DoomeR sounds and they arent even mine. This makes it a lot easier to take them out of the mod if Tropezator tells me he would like me to stop using the sounds.
They sound GreaT which is why I included them =).

In my opinion, this mod comes closer to recreating Doom3 the way it should have been made in the first place. A lot of the scare factor in a game comes from knowing how vulnerable or unsafe you are. An imp that does 10 damage in an attack really wont be scarey for very long whereas an imp that does 35 in one fireball will command your respect after one direct hit. Don't believe me? In the original doom, did you really get scared when you walked into a room with about 30 zombies/former humans in it when you were armed with a chaingun? Now recall how you felt being stuck in a room with 30 hell knights and ONLY a chaingun. There is a HUGE difference. Fear from enemies jumping out at you is very important but gets very old after awhile. The mere sight of an enemy, whether it sees you or not, should get your heart going. I feel that in my mod, I have people scared again. Even if it is just a little
bit and even if you have already beaten the game.

For all those 'realism' buffs out there, I feel that I have made the mod pretty realistic as far as how it looks and plays. You might find the blood decals a bit over the top in some areas, but the mod plays realistically. You cant take more than a few shots from a zsec with a machine gun and a hell knight can bite your head off in one bite from full health. In real life, im pretty sure fireballs and caco plasma do a lot more than give you scratches....

Thanks to:

Zeh! <------- that dude rocks ETREMELY hard. I had been creating my HUD for AGES but
it would always crash the game. I Followed his guis and actually used a lot of his code to create the GUI I included in this version. His GUI did the same things mine did with one exception, his didnt crash the game. [Thats the only reason I used mostly his code and not mine, they are almost identical] [I still have no idea why my original wont work, lol] Either way, this dude is badass.

Tropezator who created the DoomeR mod. I used some sounds and bullets a decal.
I changed the decal a bit so i dont think that will be a problem but the sounds
I simply transplanted. If you have any problems with this, let me know and I
will take them out.


The changes I made in the code really werent that massive. Anybody with some freetime
can look thought the code and see the exact changes that I made. If anybody would like to copy parts of this mod or include it into another mod please go right ahead. However, I would like some credit tho.


If you have any questions or suggestions, my email is
No hatemail please, I'm doin the best I can.

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