Era mod for SWBF2 focused on recreating & capturing the feel of the television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

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Frayed Wires Studios is looking for a Character Artist who is passionate about creating high-quality, low-budget characters and is eager to join us in our venture into the games industry.

The project is Battlefront: The Clone Wars, which is an era mod for Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) focused on recreating and capturing the feel of the television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." See here for more information regarding the project itself:

This is a position that will last for the duration of the project; however, an open dialogue will be kept for it to serve as a potential preliminary for something that’s longer-term within the studio. This is also a remote position, i.e. you will be working remotely; we currently operate solely online through text and voice via Discord.

You will be joining the studio at an exciting time, as we gradually scale up and utilize modding as a proving ground and pathway to become a full-time independent game studio in the years to come. See here for more information regarding us as a studio:


- Working with the project lead to understand the needs of the project
- Gathering references
- High-poly character sculpting for baking (if capable)
- Low-poly character modeling (including UVs)
- Rigging and weighting characters to skeletons in Softimage or XSI Mod Tool (learning materials are provided if necessary)
- Creating/baking/editing 2D textures
- Exporting completed character models to the engine
- Visual/technical tweaks on materials, 3D meshes, 3D mesh weights/rigs/skeletons, and 2D textures
- Polishing or replacing older character art assets when deemed necessary
- Bug-fixing


- Strong experience with organic and inorganic modeling, including UVs
- Skilled with rigging and weighting characters to skeletons
- Experience creating/baking/editing 2D textures
- Experience with Phong shaders and material authoring pipelines

- Softimage or XSI Mod Tool is a huge plus (rigging/weighting/exporting to engine)
- Blender, Maya, Max, or Modo (modeling/UVs)
- Photoshop, GIMP, or Mari (texture creation/baking/editing)
- CrazyBump or xNormal (texture baking)

- Ability to work remotely and maintain great work ethic
- Exceptional problem-solving skills
- Strong organizational skills (pipeline optimization, goal setting, etc.)

- 1-3 years or more experience creating character art for mod or game projects (or equivalent)
- Game engine experience is a plus

Valuable additional skills:
- Familiarity with the Agile and Kanban development methodologies
- Deep knowledge of the Star Wars franchise
- Familiarity with the art styles in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” television series
- Knowledge of Battlefront's art pipeline


Currently, all of us at Frayed Wires Studios do this for free and when we can in our spare time, and as such we would not expect anything different from you. With that said, this is an unpaid position due to the fact that we are simply unable to provide financial compensation. However, while we are currently just a mod team, we plan to branch into a full-time, dedicated, independent game development studio in the future; we are very committed to this plan and we would love nothing more than for you to join us in the adventure!

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