This mod adds a new era, aimed to be, feel and play like EA's battlefront II; with new units, heroes, vehicles, starfighters and custom maps for each star wars era. Campaign, Conquest, Space Assault, Hero Assault and Hunt modes are supported. This mod is a direct follow up to my older GCW-1035 mod, which was heavily improved and expanded upon.

RSS D35 Early build - Geonosis showcase

Showcase of the extra props added to stock Geonosis.

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Hello there, today I'm showing off some features and props added to the stock Geonosis map.

  • SPHAs have been added in the background

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  • Tecnounion ships have been added in the background

20200525085431 1

  • Wrekaged of the First Battle of Geonosis have been added (nasty!)

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20200524094912 1
20200525085541 1

  • Some destroyed vehicles have their turrets still working and can be used

20200525084929 1
20200525085304 1

The destroyed vehicles and dead clones are a reference\homage to the Rise of the Empire map series that were made by MajinRevan a long time ago that I always loved and still do.

I'm playing on the rezzed version of the vanilla maps made by Harrisonfog, the new props are just an extra layer of objects that will be added on top of the map, vanilla or rezzed makes no difference, it will work anyway.

Here's a quick gameplay video uploaded to my YT channel to show these features:

I'll keep showing more gameplay of the mod, other units, heroes, gamemodes and maps on this new channel, so if you want to be updated you are welcome to subrscribe and follow the moddb page.



Most impressive, also first!

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Where can i download this mod?

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It's not released yet, so ur gonna have to wait.

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It is all great but I hope the laser bolts of the rifles will be longer.

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