Bfevolved is a Bf2sf modification and is a non realism mod but an weapons kind of evolving mod. you guys can pm me with weapon idea's and such and ill do my utomost best to make them thin put them into the mod and put it on here for you all to download to do so ill need some animators so if there is any animators for bf2 and want to help me out pls pm me thank you.

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POLL: which camo? (view original)

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Insanitypays 10/18/11
Michicell and I were in a bit of a debate over which camo will be in the final release; to solve this we decided to have a vote from the followers of the mod...

Higher detail version of picture is here...:

choose which camo you think we should use for the German faction by commenting with either a "1" for basic Flacktarn or "2" for Urban.
The vote ends on the 21st...